NA-75 by-election: re-election in the entire constituency

ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has ordered re-polling in NA-75 by-polls.

Details According to sources, a hearing was held in the Election Commission on NA-75 elections and results case. A five-member commission headed by Chief Election Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raja conducted the hearing.

The PML-N candidate submitted an affidavit and written reply to the Election Commission, saying that police officer Zulfiqar Work was not removed despite the orders of the Election Commission. The disappearance of 20 presiding officers is a shameful incident. Electoral fraud was committed in the people and in the democratic process

In reply, it was said that those involved in the conspiracy of the electoral process should be removed from government posts, exemplary punishments should be given to those involved in the electoral process, giving exemplary punishments would uphold the writ of the Election Commission in the next elections.

PML-N lawyer Salman Akram Raja presented the documents to the commission and argued that they have already filed a petition against the SDPO. Despite the ban on appointments and transfers, DSP Zulfiqar was appointed. The ECP also issued notice to the DSP. Done

Salman Akram Raja said that the conspiracy of rigging had started before the polling day, the Election Commission had banned appointments and transfers, despite the ban, Zulfiqar Work was appointed DSP, the Election Commission ordered the removal of Zulfiqar Work.

PML-N lawyer said that PTI candidates cannot plan for price fraud on their own, Zulfiqar Work has been made SP and in-charge of election security, Zulfiqar Work’s name has been written as Zulfiqar Ali in the new notification, he has committed fraud with Election Commission and election process. Yes, it was done under regular planning.

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The Chief Election Commissioner asked, “Are you sure that Zulfiqar Ali and Zulfiqar Work are one and the same person?” On which Salman Akram Raja said that Noshin Iftikhar gave affidavit regarding Zulfiqar Ali, who determined that there can be no election without Zulfiqar Work, IG Punjab will not be interested in Zulfiqar Work, it seems that there is an organized conspiracy of rigging somewhere else. Ready, polling stations were targeted and voting was allowed to be less than 22%.

Salman Akram Raja was asked that POS and your forms are the same? To which Salman Akram Raja replied that the PTI members said that this is an election of sticks. The Chief Election Commissioner said that sticks are used in the village anyway.

During the hearing, videos of campaign speeches of PTI candidates were played. The PML-N lawyer said that PTI candidates were repeatedly saying that this was a government election. No government official came in contact with the Chief Election Commissioner himself. He was 15 to 39 km away from the office.

The Chief Election Commissioner asked whether the PTI objected to the Form 45 submitted by the PML-N. Ali Zafar said that in his arguments he would object to the Form 45 of the PML-N. The Chief Election Commissioner inquired whether the remaining 20 polling stations. Has the N-League won? On which Salman Akram Raja said that the victory of PML-N in the remaining polling stations is by a very small margin.

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The ECP member said that it seems from the video that Dande Sote was used as an idiom, to which Salman Akram Raja said that whoever fired in the entire constituency, the voters were harassed.

PTI lawyer Ali Zafar said in his arguments that it would have been better if the Returning Officer had declared the results. After the results were declared, the tribunal could have been approached. The Chief Election Commissioner said that Ali Asjad’s party chief had given re-polling statements at 20 polling stations.

Barrister Ali Zafar said that no presiding officer has asked for abduction or change of result. It is the job of the tribunal not the Election Commission to conduct an inquiry. Member Election Commission Sindh asked that disappearance of 10 presiding officers is not a violation of law?

Barrister Ali Zafar said that the commission must first declare that the presiding officers lied, to which the Chief Election Commissioner said that the issue of Form 45 had also come up in the general elections, the Election Commission did not receive any complaint of not receiving Form 45.

The Election Commission has removed PTI candidate Ali Asjad Malhi from the rostrum. Member Election Commission Punjab said that you should take off the jersey which is hanging around your neck, go outside and take off the jersey then we will listen to you.

Ali Asjad Malhi told the Election Commission that Maryam Nawaz had declared the victory at 12.30 pm. The result reached the RO from a distance of 500 yards at 2 pm. Firing takes place in every election, so he did not complain. DSP Kodaska of Pasrur was given additional charge.

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PTI lawyer Ali Zafar said that there was a conspiracy to keep the accused people away from the polling stations. He said that 4 pistols will be fired in the by-elections tomorrow and later it will be called re-poll. Voting rates vary all over the world. Voters want to vote or not, there was widespread irregularity and women were not barred from voting.

Ali Asjad Malhi further said that he had repeatedly requested the Returning Officer to release the result. The result had been obtained through polling agents. Barrister Ali Zafar said that Imran Khan as the leader had said that he did not object to re-election at 20 polling stations. There is an objection to re-polling.

After arguments from PML-N and PTI lawyers, the hearing was adjourned for a while and it was said that the hearing would be held again at 3 pm.

Later, the Election Commission ruled on the NA-75 by-election and ordered re-polling at all polling stations in the constituency.

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