Name changed for the first time in 62 years!Sony’s new name is officially launched

Name changed for the first time in 62 years!Sony’s new name is officially launched

Sony’s new name is officially launched!

A few days ago, Japan’s Sony Corporation’s website officially announced that the original company name, Sony Corporation,will be officially renamed “Sony Group Corporation” on April 1.

The statement pointed out that Sony Electronics, Sony Imaging Products and Solutions, Sony Home Entertainment and Audio Products,

and Sony Mobile Communications will merge into “Sony Corporation”. On the same day, “Sony Corporation” officially changed its name to “Sony Group Corporation.” .

It is reported that at the annual general meeting of shareholders last year,

investors approved the proposal to change the company’s name from “Sony Corporation” to “Sony Group Corporation”, which will come into effect in April 2021.

It is understood that Sony is a large-scale comprehensive multinational enterprise group that is world-renowned in Japan. Headquartered at 1-7-1, Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

Sony is the world leader in audiovisual, electronic games, communications products and information technology, and the pioneer of the world’s earliest portable digital products.

It is not only one of Japan’s most representative digital product manufacturers, but also one of the world’s largest music companies,

one of the world’s three largest Sony Game Console and one of the six major Hollywood studios in the United States.

Sony’s predecessor was the “Tokyo Telecommunications Research Institute” established by Ibuka University in the Shirakiya Department Store warehouse in Nihonbashi,

Tokyo in October 1945. Akio Morita was invited to join and formally established the “Tokyo Telecommunications Industry Co., Ltd.” in 1946.

Then Akio Morita created the Japanese English name “Sony”, which was officially opened in 1958.

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Name changed for the first time in 62 years!Sony’s new name is officially launched
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