Named?Xiaomi applied for registration of the Xiaomi car trademark

Named?Xiaomi applied for registration of the Xiaomi car trademark

On March 30, Xiaomi officially announced its entry into the electric vehicle industry, with an initial investment of 10 billion yuan and a $10 billion investment in the next ten years. Lei Jun will personally lead the team and said that this will be the last major entrepreneurship in his life.

According to the company’s information, Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd. filed a trademark registration application for Xiaomi Motors on April 1, with the application/registration number 54856491, which is classified as 8 types of hand-made instruments by the international classification.

Strictly speaking, automobile trademarks should belong to 12 categories of transportation vehicles, but before that, Shaoxing Jixiang Textile Co., Ltd. had applied for the registration of Xiaomi automobile trademarks, covering 12 categories and 35 categories (advertising sales).

Whether Xiaomi’s electric cars will adopt the new trademark or continue the name of Xiaomi will be answered in Lei Jun’s third personal live broadcast event at 20 o’clock tonight.

According to statistics from domestic data agencies, as of 2020,

Xiaomi Group has over 800 automobile-related patents, of which invention patents account for over 96%.

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Named?Xiaomi applied for registration of the Xiaomi car trademark
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