New ID design: documentation exposes iPhone 13 appearance

New ID design: documentation exposes iPhone 13 appearance

A few days ago, a picture of a suspected iPhone 13th version of the documentation was exposed, showing the appearance of the new generation of products at a glance.

It can be clearly seen that the iPhone 13 uses a small bangs design.

Although the width of the black borders around is not particularly narrow, it still means that the screen-to-body ratio of the whole machine has been improved, which can effectively display more content and reduce the impact on display elements. Occlude.

which is very different from the current iPhone 11/12 .

The back is a dual-camera arranged diagonally, and the microphone opening and flash are also arranged in another diagonal way, which is very different from the current iPhone 11/12 .

The border button continues the practice of the mute button and independent volume button on the left, and the power button on the right.


there is one thing to pay attention to in terms of ID. This week, it was reported that due to the replacement of a more powerful camera and a larger capacity battery, the thickness of the iPhone 13 series and the degree of protrusion of the camera module will increase. For some users It may be a tangled point.

In addition, there is a supply chain news today that BOE has finally entered the iPhone 13 OLED panel supply chain. Considering that this matter is repeated, it is only for your reference.

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New ID design: documentation exposes iPhone 13 appearance
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