New Toyota 86 exposure: “Initial D” classic reappearance

New Toyota 86 exposure: “Initial D” classic reappearance

Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ, as the “civilian sports car” in the eyes of car fans, can buy rear-drive, manual, horizontally opposed for less than 45,000 USD, which can be said to satisfy some young people’s sports car dreams.

The new generation of Subaru BRZ has been released at the beginning of the year, and the next is its brother model-the new Toyota 86.

A few days ago, some foreign media exposed a fantasy map of the Toyota 86.
Unlike the new BRZ, the new car borrowed a lot of the most classic AE86 design elements.
The first one makes people think of “Initial D”.


It can be seen that the brand-new 86 in the reverie picture uses the classic white and black “panda” color body of the AE86. The lower part and waistline are black, and the body is white, with a smooth waistline to make it look Very rounded.

Design by 1980’s

At the rear of the car, a more flamboyant rear diffuser is used, and the exhaust is double-out in the center. Founder’s taillight shape basically copied the design style of the AE86 in the 1980s.

However, the design of the new 86 may not look like the fantasy picture, but copying the black and white panda color of the Fujiwara Tofu shop AE86 should be something everyone loves to see.

It is understood that the AE86 is a compact, lightweight, and economically oriented car manufactured by Toyota. AE86 is just the chassis code of this car. The official name of this car is Corolla or the fourth-generation Corolla.

In China, most people learned about the AE86 model through the Japanese manga

“Initial D” or the later adapted domestic movie of the same name.

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New Toyota 86 exposure: “Initial D” classic reappearance
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