New V8 Wrangler With Twenty One Images and Details,

New V8 Wrangler With Twenty One Images and Details,

The 2021 V8 Wrangler (Rubiken 392) with a starting price of US$73,500 is nearly US$30,000 more expensive than the V6 or straight 4 Rupiah, and the price is on par with Land Rover’s new Defender.

After 40 years of absence, the production version of Wrangler once again installed the V8 HEMI engine. Of course, the knife must be sharpened.



Fans can only count on Ford’s 2021 Bronco to come early, which may force Jeep to cut prices. The Bronco equipped with a V6 turbocharged engine is close to the V8 Wrangler in power and torque.

This 6.4-liter V8 engine can burst out 470 horsepower and 640 Nm of torque, in 4.5 seconds in a hundred times-in addition to the grumpy throttle and strong acceleration ability,

Driving Experience

the V8 Wrangler’s road driving experience is basically a negative score. Although Jeep’s technicians stated that the front suspension was 10% harder and the rear suspension was 20% softer, paddle shifters were added to the steering wheel to provide users with a better road driving experience as much as possible.

But all the participants did not feel the influence of this kind of beauty on the Wrangler’s control performance on paved roads. The dead zone in the direction is still so big, and the sharp corners are still so severe. Thanks to 17-inch wheels and 285/70 all-terrain tires, the top speed of the participants is limited to 160KMH.

Only after getting off the highway and walking up the narrow path, the V8 Wrangler ushered in a bright moment,


and the composure displayed in the low-speed four-wheel drive mode made the opponent feel ashamed. With the help of the V8 Wrangler’s unique “Off-road Plus” mode,

the irritable throttle becomes freely retractable, and the powerful power reserve is slowly released to calmly resolve all difficulties and obstacles. Even for off-road novices, the controllability of the vehicle is extremely friendly.

In order to experience the high-speed four-wheel drive performance of the car, the manufacturer asked the participants to spare six kilometers of sand:

Only at this time, users will feel that every penny spent on this set of V8 engine + 8AT gearbox is worth it.

The approach angle, passing angle, and departure angle of the V8 Rubicon are second to none, 44.5, 22.6, and 37.5 degrees, respectively; the wading depth is 82 cm. The air intake of the machine cover is not decorative. The manufacturer claims that its three-stage air intake system can divert nearly 60 liters of water per minute, which can ensure the engine air intake even when the central grid is blocked:

The V8 Wrangler’s 6.4-liter naturally aspirated engine is a living fossil of the automotive industry, which runs counter to the current efforts to save energy and reduce emissions. Even if you are idling, it will remind you that you are alive and have absolute certainty to drive you in any direction.


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New V8 Wrangler With Twenty One Images and Details,
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