Nissan’s new Pathfinder View all images

Nissan’s new Pathfinder View all images

The 2022 Nissan Pathfinder has several major selling points. The first is the full and solid appearance:


Some iconic design elements come from the first generation of Pathfinder, such as triple notches and triangular windows in the net, as well as anti-scratch wheel eyebrows. The tough appearance inherited from the 1980s is outstanding in the current feminine trend that is getting stronger and stronger.

It’s a good looking product only by appearance. The key is that there is excellent mechanical quality under the tough appearance: the strongest drag ability in the same level and the choice of seven modes (cruising, sports, energy saving, snow, sand, mud, Drag) plus a steep slope to descent, creating a powerful tool cart attribute.



The latest generation of Pathfinder also has the following selling points:

Electronic Gear,

· (Finally) Abandon the ancestral CVT and replace it with a newly designed nine-speed AT with electronic gear lever.
·  Three-row seat design is just needed for some users.
·  Technology is not outdated. Wireless CarPlay, driving safety assistance, WHUD (windshield head-up display), experience and enhance the artifact triple.




As for the wireless charging of mobile phones, the 16 cup holders (two per person on average) and the second row (optional) airline seats are all bonus points to win customers’ favor, but they are not decisive.

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Considering that Dongfeng Nissan has introduced the old Pathfinder before, there is a glimmer of hope for the introduction of the new model; the bolder idea is the localization of Pathfinder.


The crux of the problem is that the 3.5-liter V6 engine of the original car will definitely not come in, and there are big variables in power, which might make the restoration of the CVT successful.

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Nissan’s new Pathfinder View all images
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