Users will now be able to earn money through the Twitter app :Good news

Users will now be able to earn money through the Twitter app :Good news

How to Earn money through the Twitter app

earn money through the Twitter app, Microblogging site Twitter has introduced a new version of its audio feature space that will allow users to earn revenue as well.earn money through the Twitter app
As part of Twitter’s new audio feature space, Twitter has given users the opportunity to make money by hosting audio chat rooms.
Introducing a new feature called Ticketed Spaces, the host will have the opportunity to earn revenue from their activity based on subscriptions.

According to Twitter’s official blog post, users will now see the monetization option in the sidebar of the Twitter app, and those who click on it will be able to be part of the monetization program, which is still in beta.
Twitter has also introduced a separate application for Android and iOS users for this purpose.

How much will Twitter users earn?

According to Esther Crawford, Twitter’s senior product manager, Connaught Creators will be paid a 97% revenue commission, which can range from  1 to 999. Dollars,
The microblogging platform itself will receive 3% of the revenue in the form of processing fees.
Technology giants have predicted that Twitter will gradually increase its share of this revenue from 3% to 20%.
The ‘Ticketed Spaces’ feature is not the only one among the newly introduced features but the microblogging platform has also facilitated space scheduling, multiple host controls, improved security and easy search as well as shared hosting of spaces.

Where are ticketed spaces available?earn money through the Twitter app

Twitter Spaces Beta, currently announced by Twitter, is available to users in the United States. Initially, feedback from users who have been granted access to this feature will be used. This service will be provided to all users later.
How to make money from superfollowers?

With the help of SuperFollows,earn money through the Twitter app

the creators will be provided directly to the engaged customers, which will generate revenue on a monthly basis.
Users of this feature will provide their users with bonus content and close communication opportunities, in return for which other users will be able to subscribe.
Creators will be able to get  2.99, 99 5.99 and 10 dollars a month from their followers through SuperFollow. This feature is also initially offered to US users.
Twitter’s move to monetize comes at a time when audio discussion service provider Clubhouse has also introduced a monetization feature.

Instagram is bringing another revolution, add Clubhouse-like audio rooms,and more,
Today, Instagram Lite is finally available in more than 170 countries.
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Users will now be able to earn money through the Twitter app :Good news
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