One out of every three people in the world has no access to safe drinking water: water conservation starts with you and me!

4 Water Purification Methods To Purify Tap Water

I still hope that everyone cherishes water sources, especially drinking water, because this is a very precious resource for many people.

The latest UN report shows that one out of every three people in the world has no access to safe drinking water.

My country’s per capita water resources are less than one-third of the world level, and nearly two-thirds of cities lack water to varying degrees.

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4 Water Purification Methods To Purify Tap Water

According to analysis, ordinary families can save about 30% of water by paying attention to changing bad habits.

The main thing is that March 22, which is today is World Water Day, to save water, start with you and me.

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The purpose of World Water Day is to arouse public awareness of water conservation and strengthen water resources protection.

In order to meet people’s daily life, business and agricultural needs for water resources, the United Nations has long been committed to solving the global water crisis caused by the rising demand for water resources.

The “United Nations Water Conference” held in 1977 issued a serious warning to the world:

water will soon become a profound social crisis, and the next crisis after the oil crisis is water.

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On January 18, 1993, the 47th session of the United Nations General Assembly made a resolution.

Determine March 22 each year as “World Water Day.”

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4 Water Purification Methods To Purify Tap Water
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