Passmark: Apple M1 single-core performance surpasses Intel 11th generation i7-11700K

Passmark: Apple M1 single-core performance surpasses Intel 11th generation i7-11700K

After the release of Apple’s first self-developed M1 Mac processor, it has been touted by all sorts, especially in some benchmark tests, the single-core performance can actually kill Intel’s top Core i9.

present day,PassMark updated the single-core performance rankings. The Apple M1 3.2GHz ranked second on the list for the first time. The score of 3550 is second only to the Intel Rocket Lake 11th-generation Core flagship i9-11900K 3.5GHz, and the difference is only 5%.

at the same time,It also defeated Intel’s 11th-generation Core i7-11700K with a slight advantage of 8 points.,

The latter’s reference frequency is 3.6GHz, which is also ahead of AMD’s best Ryzen 7 5800X.

In the long-announced GeekBench 5 Mac platform single-core performance list, the Apple M1 is also out of the crowd.The score of 1700 points easily leads the Intel 10th generation Core i7-10700K by 36%.

Since Apple Mac can no longer use Intel 11th generation Core, it is impossible to compare the performance of M1 and i9-11900K/i7-11700K. However, from this posture, it is also the fate of being spiked.

This fully demonstrates the powerful architecture design of the Apple M1, but it must be treated rationally.

After all, different test projects have different degrees of support for different hardware optimizations, and running scores do not mean everything. What’s more, there is a significant gap in the multi-core performance of M1. Even the best optimized GeekBench 5 is 9% behind i7-10700K. about.

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Passmark: Apple M1 single-core performance surpasses Intel 11th generation i7-11700K
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