Car Seat Headrest Pillow

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The main design of the car seat pillow is to provide passengers with head and neck support when they fall asleep.

The side pillows of the headrest are filled with a soft and thick memory foam pad, which is sufficient as a cushion.

The pillowcase is made of artificial leather and is easy to clean. Fits most cars with a headrest (the bar distance should be greater than 3.75 inches).

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You can adjust the width between the two headrests by selecting the slot position on the telescopic support rod

(minimum distance between the two pillows: 10.63 inches).

The pillows can also be raised and lowered and rotated 180 degrees to accommodate various heights.

If not needed, just lift them up to save space inside the car.



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The headrest can be removed, and it can be easily fixed on the headrest support bar.

First, choose the right rubber washer to fix on the headrest of the car seat.

Then fix the telescopic support rod to the rubber washer. Finally, tighten the cover with a screwdriver.



Car seat pillows can comfortably support one side of the head and neck, relax the muscles,

and prevent the neck from floating due to prolonged bending, fatigue, and pain. And protect your head from knocking on the doors and windows.

Material: ABS + Memory Cotton
Size: about 36*20*11cm/14.2*7.9*4.3 inches



Additional information

Filling Material

Synthetic Fiber


car seat pillows


ABS + memory cotton


about 36*20*11cm/14.2*7.9*4.3 inches


Width and height adjustable


Telescopic design


Detachable pillows are easy to install and store

28 reviews for Car Seat Headrest Pillow

  1. M***v

    The product is good, delivery supersonic

  2. I***c

    Great head restraint. Qualitatively made. It’s good.

  3. M***r

    Not yet put, but the look is very well done. Let’s see how it will serve…

  4. R***D

    My 8 year old son outgrew his car seat. Yet, he kept falling asleep and tipping over. This product helped, and my son enjoys using it. I think the price is a bit steep, for the quality of materials used. However, it works well enough.

  5. O***A

    Everything is as in the description. Install conveniently and quickly, the fasteners are adjustable, the head is convenient. I didn’t regret buying this model.

  6. L***e

    All right, look forward to testing it when containment is over

  7. S***v

    It’s a good addition to the seat for a long ride. It’s not the greatest, but it helps. If you put a small, soft, either pillow or blanket it’s perfect.

  8. L***d

    Great idea Great addition to my daughters comfort and Dads confidence in Daughter’s Safety.

  9. H***d

    I’m driving long distances to work recently. I bought them for my co-worker and installed it immediately. He was very satisfied so that he could take a nap on the way.

  10. K***t

    It fit my car which is Ford fusion very well.I travel alit I needed sometiing like this to sleep when I stop by at rest area while travelling with someone or alone..I loved it and hope works everybody

  11. L***n

    Use this with a little travel pillow and it’s the best

  12. O***s

    It is a good support for my son’s neck especially when he is sleeping in the car! It’s adjustable and easy to remove!

  13. J***w

    why black

  14. J***w

    I bought 2 of these, but not at the same time. Now my kids have something to rest their heads against instead of bouncing around during car rides.

  15. D***h

    Easy to setup and seems to be universal for all headrests. The clamps adjust. Padding is soft enough for 5+ hours of driving.

  16. M***b

    i have a 5yr old. who falls asleep as soon she get into car. this is very helpful / support for her neck. she is now comfortable sleeping in car.

  17. B***w

    Absolutely the perfect solution to the “sleep slump over” that most kids suffer from. Very well made and it does the trick!

  18. D***s

    Bought these for my boys before a long road trip. They worked well and kept their heads supported during their naps.

  19. P***z

    I bought this to try out with my wife. She easily falls asleep during trips. She found the headrest a nice alternative to a pillow stuffed between seat back and door. I own a Ram 3500. The headrest was a very tight fit due to the large headrest this attached to. If the cross piece was a 1/4″ long, it would have been easier to attach. We managed and it works great for her. I would recommend this product and plan to purchase a second one.

  20. D***s

    I like this product and that for my daughter.

  21. B***p

    good quality.

  22. G***b

    Great mount for my car seat. Fastens without problems.

  23. V***d

    Got these for long trips in the truck, since I do all the driving I have not used them for long periods of time but my wife loves them.

  24. K***g

    it installed in under 10 mins

  25. F***m

    This car piIIow is very comfortabIe to use.

  26. F***m

    Helps arthritic necks to have support!

  27. F***s

    Installation was very easy and it helps keep my boys head from hanging off to the side when he falls asleep. He says it’s comfortable.

  28. N***v

    It’s very easy to install fit nicely with my Audi

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