EKO One D Vintage Burst Acoustic Guitar :

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  • Nut of 43mm
  • Spacing at the bridge of 54mm and scale 650
  • Spruce for the top
  • Mahogany for strips and back
  • South american roupana for keyboard and bridge


Article Number1705
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Guitar TypeAcoustic

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Why to buy EKO One D Vintage Burst Acoustic Guitar :

One D Vintage Burst Acoustic Guitar

The 6-string Eko One D Vintage Burst acoustic guitar has all-important characteristics, however common to many acoustic Eko: nut of 43mm; string spacing at the bridge of 54mm and scale 650, combined with woods such as: Spruce for the top, Mahogany for strips and back, South American Roupana for keyboard and bridge.

One D Vintage Burst Acoustic Guitar

Comfort to Play

Comfort to Play

The combination of these specifications make the Eko One D Vintage Burst a particularly comfortable and pleasantly playable guitar by all guitarists, a standard completely branded Eko Chitarre.

Eko Guitars: By Musician, For Musician

The EKO Sas was founded in Castelfidardo on 28th July 1960 by Oliviero Pigini together with Lido Ballone Burini. The EKO starts producing traditional acoustic guitars. Eko’s philosophy is to offer a complete range of guitars, made with standardised and industrial processes that guarantee consistent quality. The company’s objective is the liveliest segment of the market, that of accessible instruments that can also be used at a semi-professional level, making the guitar economically available to everyone


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