GEMWON OBD2 Scanner Car Code Reader Engine Checking Auto Scanner Tool For OBDII Vehicle Since 1996

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FAULT CODE READER-Real time and effective detection of all the running states of the car system, one key operation, achieving all-round detection, large screen display, so easy to operate. It holds comprehensive analysis of your car’s power system, chassis system, engine system, etc., and shows codes definition and find out the reason accurately.

  • ERASE THE FAULTS-Using DTC one key to read vehicle fault code rapidly, return to OBD system to clear fault code, provides you the solve methods and reduce/avoid maintenance costs. Checking engine light statue, turn-off Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL), Please note it can’t clear all faults, hardware faults need to be solved by yourself.
  • DYNAMIC DATA MONITOR-Reads actual time battery voltage, car battery health status, engine RPM, vehicle speed, air flow, engine load, closed loop status etc., Provides real-time dynamic data flow information, intuitive and accurate curve description, making up defects about the information that the car dashboard system can not read, so that you can drive freely and boldly. Better maintain the performance of the car well, adjust your driving mode at any time, more safe and secure.
  • ENHANCED SMOG DIAGNOSTICS-Supports O2 Sensor and EVAP System Test. V310 code scanner can check the state emissions readiness check and drive cycle verification. Help monitor and adjust air/fuel mixture, help identify and troubleshoot issues related to fuel efficiency and vehicle emission.
  • BrandGEMWON
    Item Weight10.9 ounces
    Package Dimensions8 x 5.6 x 1.8 inches
    Manufacturer Part Number9158649
    Shipping Weight10.9 ounces


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