Promate Energi-10C 10KmAh High Powerbank

Brand: PROMATE          Sku: 1188

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Quick Overview

  • 10000mAh Lithium-Polymer Battery
  • Ultra-Fast USB Charging Port
  • Strong Aluminum Casing
  • LED Indicator
  • Over Charging Protection
  • Ultra-Fast Charging


nformation on Promate Energi-10C 10000mAh High Capacity Dual USB Powerbank – Green:

Model NumberENERGI-10C.GREEN
Article Number1188
Available for Express DeliveryYes
Prime Delivery1


Accessory ForPhones, Tablet
Battery TypeLi-Ion
mAh Capacity10000 mAh
Maximum Battery Life4.5 Hours
Product TypePower Bank

Details With Images

  • Why to buy Promate Energi-10C 10000mAh High Capacity Dual USB Powerbank – Green :

    Fast Dual USB Charging Ports

    Two High-Output ports get your drained devices up and running quickly. Use the USB Port to charge with 5V and 2.1A of power and use the USB-Type C to charge with 5V and 2.1A of power so you can spend less time charging & more time doing.

    Fast Dual USB Charging Ports

    Charge Two Devices Simultaneously

    Charge Two Devices Simultaneously

    An Outstanding feature of this Portable Charger is that It includes Two USB Outputs, USB-1 and USB-C. This means you can have 2 devices charging at the same time – reducing the overall amount of time you need to wait for your smartphone, tablet or another USB-powered device to be up and running.

    Freedom to Charge Your Devices Anywhere

    The Promate Energi-10C Portable Charger provides you with the freedom to charge your devices anywhere. Connect the provided Micro USB charging cable or any existing charging USB or USB-C™ cable of your own into one of the provided USB sockets and instantly charge your devices. This portable charger is perfect if you’re on the move or don’t have access to a mains power source to charge your device, including camping holidays and music festivals.

    Freedom to Charge Your Devices Anywhere

    Massive 10,000mAh Power reserve

    Massive 10,000mAh Power reserve

    The Promate Energi-10C features a massive 10,000mAh capacity, adding several full charges’ worth of battery power to your smartphone or massively boosting the available charge available on any tablet or USB device. When your USB powered devices are running low, just connect them to the Promate Energi-10C Power Bank via your own charging cable for quick and easy replenishment. The Promate Energi-10C Power Bank is the ideal companion for your portable smart devices – so don’t forget to bring it along on business trips and weekend getaways. This Power Bank really is the perfect travel companion.

    Emergency Charging Power Anytime

    Simply connect your phone to the power bank during power outages or during exploring the great outdoors. Charge 2 devices at the same time and you can still have enough power to charge another 2 devices later on. A high Capacity of 10000mAh yet portable with built-in Li-Polymer battery cells can keep your devices running all the time.

    Emergency Charging Power Anytime



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