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Tired of splashing out on cups of coffee everyday?
Want to save money on K-cups when you already have instant coffee at home?

Time to upgrade to reusable coffee pods.

Just like K-Cups, these pods allow you to fill up on your own coffee at home and enjoy with any K-Cup pod-compatible coffee machine. Enjoy your fix of caffeine, reduce your environmental impact, and save money.



Main Features:

Easy to fill and clean: Load up a pod with your favorite ground/instant coffee, then simply rinse under running water after to clean.

Quality build: Our food-grade polypropylene cups feature a stainless steel micro mesh filter and a silicone O-ring to ensure a snug fit for fresh coffee, cup after cup.  

Multi-compatible: Use our pods with CIRCOLO, MELODY, GENIO 2, MINI ME, MINI, KEURIG, and more.

A multi-saver: Save the environment by reducing paper waste from traditional K-Cups, and save money on buying coffee out when you can enjoy from home or in the office.


3 pcs Reusable Nescafe Dolce Gusto Coffee Capsule Filter Cup Refillable Caps Spoon Filter Baskets Pod Soft Taste Sweet



Material: Food-grade polypropylene plastic

Size: 5.2×5.2×3.5cm / 3.1×3.1×1.4″

Net Weight: 0.01kg / 0.35oz




35 reviews for Reusable Coffee Pods

  1. W***m

    Thank you for great and fast shipping! `ll order again from this store!

  2. F***a

    very satisfied with the product. i recommend

  3. J***y

    Well, that was truly a bargain. My order is in the post already, can’t wait to collect it and give it a good try at home

  4. J***r

    Fast shipping, decent quality

  5. D***k

    To buy online on such a reasonable price is more of a miracle 🙂 thanks to the seller!

  6. F***k

    best online is being sold here i guess. waiting for my parcel to come, gotta check it myself

  7. A***r

    Thanks a lot! Arrived fast and safe! I’m suuuuper happy!

  8. S***a

    The quality of the product was good.The shipment was faster than I expected, I thought it would take about a month but it didn’t.

  9. F***a

    absolutely true to the picture. my sibling is happier than ever 🙂

  10. A***n

    Wow, it actually amazing. I highly recommend it!

  11. S***e

    Better than what i expected, it came in fast and the package was in fine shape. They fit perfectly in my nespresso machine. Would recommend

  12. A***a

    Works great. Takes some experimenting to figure out how to load but after a pound, I figured it out. Use these to save money

  13. R***l

    Delicious array of different brews and all wonderful. I will definitely pick and choose my favorites for my next order. Order with confidence. Great, reliable seller.

  14. M***n

    Really like them. I just need to remember to clean them sooner. If they get left in the machine and dry they are harder to clean.

  15. J***y

    Used them the I received them they work perfectly. My only complaint is my nesspresso machine doesn’t extract them I have to remember to manually removed used pod before dropping next pod into place.

  16. M***w

    They are great to use when I am running out of my pods
    One thing though, must use strong coffee like an Italian brand or Latin, bustelo and LavAzza work great. Most American brands will not deliver the strength most people that use this machine are after

  17. S***a

    Originally bought for a different machine but didn’t work in nespresso one I bought it for, so retuned machine and got an original line. Netspresso is a pain to outfit and don’t want to have pods that are throw aways, happy to have this option

  18. W***m

    After some experimenting I’ve believe I’m using the correct amount of coffee and timing on the pour. The crema is perfect! Frustrating at first was cleaning the pods! The brush supplied is not stiff enough so I’m cleaning them with a water sprayer connected in the laundry room utility sink, works like a charm and it takes just a few seconds.

  19. N***e

    Incredible! However the brush could be stronger it’s tedious but worth it because i like a specific coffee and it doesn’t come in pods and now it does!!! Wonderful

  20. T***r

    I been using it for a wile now, they are great, but it will depend on the strength of the coffee for having a small cup or bigger one, you must try some cups to see the best result for you desire

  21. W***m

    Product fits neatly in my Nesspresso machine. Looks well made and came with a scoop/tamp and a cleaning brush. After a couple of attempts at getting the right amount of coffee in the pods, I was able to produce a proper cup of espresso. Will buy again!

  22. T***s

    Works well with my Nespresso. Use the brush to clean the screens. Use the scoop bottom to pack the coffee grinds into the reusable capsule. Also, the reusable capsule could be a little bigger; to take the full one tablespoon of fine coffee grinds. It’s going to take a couple of tries to figure out how to work the reusable capsules.

  23. D***d

    Second round in purchasing these.
    Mainly for back ups. I had a few in the past where piece of plastic that holds lid on, had snapped off but they are still functional
    Definitely serves their purpose

  24. A***a

    I own a Nespresso D50 “U” machine. Older. I have used it only on special occasions because I felt guilty about the waste. But, not anymore! I am using it every morning with my refillable capsules. What has worked for me is one scoop (not quite level/full) of Turkish ground coffee (very fine grind). I do not press the coffee in – I leave it loose.

  25. K***n

    Super easy to use to make your own espresso pods with your favorite coffee.
    Washes easily in the dishwasher (I put the silverware holder)

  26. G***e

    I love nespresso and I know they recycle but I didn’t want to take the risk and I bought this reusable capsules for my office. We are trying to cut down the waste and this is a great way to do it. They are easy to handle and clean. Every time iIdrink my cappuccino in the morning I feel good knowing I am producing minimal waste.

  27. T***m

    ….save some bucks using your Dolce Gusto by purchasing this set of refillable pods. Best to have at least half dozen if you drink a lot of coffee so you don’t have to clean out until the end of the day. Just do it. I find that using a good quality espresso grind gives the best taste and crema.

  28. S***n

    These work great with my Kimbo coffee! The top is a bit tedious to clean but the included brush helps a lot. I like that the box comes with multiple capsules so I can go for several days and then wash them all at once. I love that I’m not throwing away pods every day.

  29. M***e

    Some do not rate this product highly but I do. It is easy to load and easy to clean. To get a good pull you need a very fine grind and it needs to be tamped firmly with the filler/measuring cup. The cup measure is not enough for a lungo pull. My wife and I have found that you need to use two capsules for our taste. To me this has proven to be a money saver. We do grind our own coffee from a local Philippine blended bean. Well pleased with this capsule.

  30. M***a

    These capsules work perfectly with my Nescafe Dolce Gusto! Just remember to line up the hole on the capsule top with where the needle will go down as you pull down the handle to lock in the capsule. I have used it over 20 times and still works perfectly as it did the first day I tried it! Thank you for selling these!! Now, I’m not limited to the coffee capsules made by Nescafe!

  31. C***s

    They are easy to use and very well made. The only reason why I am purchasing them again, is because I lost 3 of them, since my relatives thought they were non-reusable and disposed of them and one fell down on the garbage disposal. So I am down to two. I have saved a lot of money on dulce gusto capsules and have all options on coffee selection. Great product!

  32. O***r

    This product has worked very well, and for the first time I made coffee with my Dolce Gusto machine that was really good, another just ok. It easy to fill and clean these reusable capsules. Don’t over-fill, and don’t press the coffee down too much. There are some YouTube videos made by users, so check there if you’re not sure. The capsules are sturdy and well made. I’m very satisfied with my purchase, and I’m doing a cup of freshly made coffee made with fresh ground, high quality coffee beans as I write this.

  33. A***r

    I love my coffee maker and I love using these refillable pods. I can use Cafe Bustelo or mix with any specialty coffee if I want. I grind it between fine and espresso. After brewing, dump the grinds in the trash, rinse and fill them up again. I use two scoops and tamp down the grinds lightly using the provided scoop. There’s no tiny filter inside that can fall out as its part of the cup. The coffee is great! I don’t feel wasteful and I’m saving money without giving up flavorful delicious coffee on demand. Since I cut out sugar, these are perfect. I still get the cappucino pods for company though : )

  34. S***e

    It is the best deal you will find, it is good to have many so if here is people at your house that dont know how to use them you can get may ready and them refill them yourself. They have a mesh inside so no cofee particles will go through even from very fine ground cofee. The build quality is really good and looks like they will last very long, only thing to take care of is the mesh inside, don’t scratch it with fingernails or spoons, just wash them and reuse.

  35. L***m

    These work brilliantly! I hate to contribute to landfill and have tried a couple of refillable pods with less than satisfactory results.
    These are PERFECT for use in my Nescafe Dolce Gusto Experta coffee brewer. I grind my own dark roast coffee beans to a medium/fine (right on the line) grind, which I have found is the best, lightly packed, not pressed into the pod. This has been most successful to my taste.

    Too fine and all the grounds are not wetted, too coarse and the water goes through too rapidly to produce a satisfactory cup. There are no instructions included with the pods, which might be helpful for the first time buyer experimenting with these reusable pods. I have owned other type of pod machines (soft pods) and made my own for years after the branded products became scarce and expensive, so I have had experience with how to fill the pods and the type of grind that works best. Not everyone has had this experience and might need some hints.

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