Sony 420 Watts 12 Inch InCar Subwoofer (XS-GTR121LD) - Black :

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Quick Overview

1350W Peak Power Output

  • 300W Continuous Power Output
  • 12inch Woofer Size
  • 30-500Hz Frequency Response
  • Stroke Stabilizer


Article Number1738
Available for Express DeliveryYes
Model NumberXS-GTR121LD/C1
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Power Output300W
Diameter12inch (30cm)
Speaker SystemSubwoofer
Rated Input Power (W)300W
Sensitivity86 ± 2dB/W/m, 92dB (1W, driver’s seat)
Woofer TypeSubwoofer Box (Tube ported)
Woofer EdgeNBR
Woofer MagnetFerrite
Weight15 kg

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Why to buy Sony 420 Watts 12 Inch InCar Subwoofer (XS-GTR121LD) – Black :


The Sony XS-GTX121LT Subwoofer has a compact make and is easily installable. The subwoofer has a diameter of 30 cm and has an NBR edge-lining which absorbs stray waves, thereby reducing interference and distortion to a minimum.


Efficient Subwoofer

Efficient Subwoofer

Sony XS-GTX121LT also has a ferrite magnet in the system which functions for a long time, thereby increasing subwoofer efficiency. The diaphragm is made of polypropylene. This makes the subwoofer one of the most sought after box-subs.

Audio Configuration

In terms of audio configuration, Sony XS-GTX 121LT is unmatched. The subwoofer has a 300 W rated input power. The 1350 W peak power rating redefines low-frequency audio projection. With such a high peak power, be sure to enjoy loud thrusts without running the risk of irritable perception.

Audio Configuration

Stroke Stabilizer

Stroke Stabilizer

The audio features are further enhanced by 30 Hz-500 Hz frequency response. It is also equipped with a stroke stabilizer. The impedance is rated at 4 ohms. The rated sensitivity is 86 ± 2 dB/W/m and 92 dB at the driver seat.



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