Redmi officially enters gaming phones! K40 series become the designated mobile phone for Call of Duty mobile game

According to news on April 13, this morning, Redmi Mobile officially announced that Redmi will enter the game mobile phone and enter the top e-sports event.

According to officials,

after rigorous testing, the K40 series has become the official designated device for “Call of Duty Mobile Games” (National Service).

At the same time, Redmi will also serve as the official strategic partner of “Call of Duty Mobile Games” (National Service).

Regarding Redmi’s upcoming first “gaming phone”, the official revealed that the machine will have the main flagship + hard-core game function, and the goal is to create the ultimate cost-effective game flagship for more players.

Lu Weibing Said,

It is worth mentioning that Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi Group China and general manager of Redmi brand, said that among many large-scale mobile games, he noticed that “Call of Duty Mobile Games” is highly confrontational and fast-paced.

It is currently the most difficult and hardest mobile game. One of the nuclear games has gone through layers of screening by game producers and rigorous testing by professional e-sports players.

In the end, the K40 series and the “Call of Duty Mobile Games” Masters have established an official partnership.

Both parties will continue to optimize the game experience through continuous polishing throughout the season.

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So “Why does Redmi enter the game mobile battlefield”.

He said that in 2021, gaming e-sports will be Redmi’s next main battlefield, and gaming phones are a strong demand from Redmi users, so Redmi will build the first e-sports flagship.

Since the Redmi K40 series went on sale, it has been snapped up by many consumers with its very competitive price of 299 US Dollars, and the configuration with no shortcomings at the same level.

With the full blood version of LPDDR5+UFS 3.1 flash memory + snapdragon 870 Snapdragon 888, the Redmi K40 series can be called the 2021 flagship “gatekeeper”.

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