Roewe’s new SUV released: named “Whale”, front face “whale-like flavor”

Roewe’s new SUV released: named “Whale”, front face “whale-like flavor”

In recent years, domestic car companies have begun to let themselves go more in terms of naming their models. Since the Great Wall Haval made a good start with a “big dog”, domestic cars have also ushered in a climax of “animal names”.

The Great Wall Euler

  • “Black Cat”,
  • “White Cat” and
  • “Good Cat”,

SAIC Maxus T90 pickups are directly called

  • “SAIC Niu”,

and BYD also revealed the

  • “Dolphin” model.

Today, there is another “animal” in the domestic car camp, the Roewe

  • “whale”.

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On April 15th, SAIC Roewe officially released the official image of its brand new SUV-“Whale”. As the first model of the new series of Roewe, this car will take on the responsibility of accelerating the process of brand rejuvenation/personalization and promoting brand upgrades. Upward task.

The car uses a new design language, and the overall shape is very young and radical. At the same time, the car will be unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show which opens on April 19.

In terms of appearance, as the first model of the “Rhythmic Awakening” design concept, the new car is quite different from the iconic design language of the Roewe family. At the same time, the “shirred” type air intake grille creates an image that echoes the name of the car “whale”.

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At the same time,

the daytime running lights on the front face of the new car are seamlessly connected with the chrome trim on the top of the air inlet. The whole car looks very aura, and the overall style is similar to the Changan UNI-K.

The tail adopts a fast-back body, the overall sporty style is very distinct, and the taillights adopt the “interstellar tunnel” design, inspired by time and space tunnels, and the design sense of the whole vehicle is clear.

At present, the power information of the car has not been released to the public. The answer will be revealed after the Shanghai Auto Show opens on April 19. We will also keep an eye on this.

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Roewe’s new SUV released: named “Whale”, front face “whale-like flavor”
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