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Saudi Arabia releases details on employees’ salaries in new banking system

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia’s banks are facing the problem of paying the salaries of employees under the new money transfer system, due to which the employees are suffering from six and five.

In this regard, the management of the new system of rapid transfer of funds between banks has said that the new system does not include the transfer of salaries of employees.

Saudi Sources According to media reports, a citizen asked the management of SRI whether the transfer of salaries of employees would also be done through SRI system. Especially on days when the pay date includes a holiday.

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Responding to this, the management said that the new fast system is currently allocated for the transfer of funds to individuals and institutions. The transfer of salaries through this system is not included but will be included soon.

It should be noted that the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia had recently introduced a new instant money transfer system between banks which has been named as Accelerator.

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