Shenzhen Wenheyou Hotly Opens Guangfeng Technology’s Large Laser Display Screen

Shenzhen Wenheyou Hotly Opens Guangfeng Technology’s Large Laser Display Screen

On April 2, Shenzhen Wenheyou officially opened its doors!

In my impression, Wen Heyou looks like retro house neon lights?

This time, Shenzhen Wenheyou chose to cooperate with the first batch of listed companies on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, the first stock of laser display,

and Guangfeng Technology from Shenzhen, to increase the technological content!

Among the thousands of display solutions, why did Wenheyou invite Guangfeng Technology to settle in? Let’s “take a look” together.

Welcome to Wen Heyou: The “Disney” of Dining

Wen Heyou, who has been queuing hot searches for more than 20,000 numbers in a day during peak hours, and has created a crazy record of queuing for 12 hours has been stationed in Shenzhen!

Shenzhen Wenheyou covers an area of ​​20,000 square meters, four times that of Guangzhou Wenheyou, and is currently Wenheyou’s largest store in the country.

As a “humanities community” brand that has emerged from Changsha and has been localized,

Wenheyou has integrated a large number of cultural entrepreneurs and cultural associations to restore the urban scene in the 1980s one by one. In addition to food,

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it also covers multiple experience scenes, such as marriage. Introduction offices, dance halls, barber shops, dry cleaners, community neighborhood committees, fruit shops,

movie theaters, etc. Here, everyone can go to bookstores and museums after eating. You can be an exquisite social person, or you can be a restrained and quiet solo eater.

From a small roadside stall in 2011 to the “representative brand of Chinese crayfish and market culture”,

Wen Heyou has only spent 8 years and has now become an Internet celebrity check-in destination for celebrities and foreign tourists,

and is known as a “representative brand in the catering industry” Disney” is becoming more and more popular and sought after by young people.

Localization Experience: Wen Heyou’s Expansion “Secrets”

Wen Heyou always puts the customer’s emotions and feelings first, including vision, space creation, experience, and the homely taste of the dishes,

which can inspire more feelings of customers.

In order to achieve the ultimate sense of experience, Wenheyou’s upgrades are highly targeted.
In terms of integrating local culture, Shenzhen Wenheyou can be said to be very careful.

Promoting urban culture with catering as a carrier and creating immersive consumption scenes are the consistent characteristics of Wenheyou.

Shenzhen Wenheyou introduces Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao cuisines and trendy games, with Internet celebrity formats such as tea Yanyue color, Bubble Mart, etc.,

as well as an immersive humanistic drama center based on Shenzhen’s local elements, Shenzhen Oyster… Whether in product or space There are new ideas on all.

In addition, in a city of science and technology like Shenzhen,

a big difference between Wenheyou in Shenzhen and other places (such as Wenheyou in Guangzhou)

this time is the integration of technological elements.

This time, Wen Heyou moved the Guangfeng laser display large screen, which is the most cutting-edge international display technology,

into the atrium C position. Based in Shenzhen, Guangfeng Technology has developed into a leading company in the field of laser display. Shenzhen Wenheyou with high-tech content,

so that everyone can feel the different big screen the first time they enter the door! Shocked! At first glance, it looks like an open-air cinema is in front of you, instantly pulling people into the world in the picture, blocking the hustle and bustle of the modern city from the door.

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It seems to have traveled to the 80s, wandering in Wenheyou, everyone only needs to keep up with the rhythm of the music, bathe in the light of technology, and enjoy eating, drinking and having fun!

Guangfeng Technology X Wenheyou: Brand Upgrade “Good Partner”

At present, the main force of the consumer group is shifting. According to’s big data, users born in the 80s and 90s are already the main consumer group,

accounting for more than 70%. Post-2000s are quickly joining the main consumer group. Brand upgrading and rejuvenation have become the first choice for everyone to pursue development and win users.

Even Xiaomi, which has been established for more than ten years, has recently replaced it with a new logo.

The cooperation between Guangfeng Technology and Shenzhen Wenheyou this time is a typical case of the upgrade of a large consumer brand and the combination of technological elements.

Optimum Technology utilizes the advantages of core components to design a high-brightness laser display large-screen solution for Shenzhen Wenheyou.

The 4.5*2.5m large screen falls along the atrium corridor, and then uses the rear projection solution to “hide” the projection equipment.

In addition to its beauty, it also looks light and beautiful, and it attracts the eye when it enters the door.

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The flexible and lightweight D-series engineering projector used in the scheme has excellent picture quality and is very suitable for exhibitions,

conference control and other scenes. When the large screen was turned on for the first time, the effect was beyond expectations,

bringing unexpected surprises to the partners. Guangfeng Technology has also become Shenzhen Wenheyou’s “good partner” in opening up the new market.

At the same time, with such a large laser screen, in a commercial space like Wenheyou, it can be easily built into an open-air cinema mode,

concert mode, singing and dancing entertainment mode, etc., with the lighting and music effects, there is no pressure for scene switching. It can create a more dimensional consumer experience for customers.

For example, on the release night of Shenzhen Wenheyou’s B station documentary,

the friends who were the first to be invited to participate in the closed beta witnessed this memorable moment in front of the Guangfeng Laser screen.

The scene was like an open-air theater watched in the 1980s. the film.

Guangfeng Technology makes great efforts to consume: to create more “composite business formats”

As a highly innovative technology company, Guangfeng Technology has actively carried out cross-industry cooperation in recent years, such as Wenheyou,

Overseas Chinese Town, etc., showing the strong vitality of leading technology companies in the new development environment.

At the same time, Guangfeng Technology is anchoring the large consumer market and developing its C-end business.

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Guangfeng Technology Holdings, Zifengmi Technology, is actively promoting the A round of financing with a valuation of 1 billion yuan,

and is building a Fengmi Technology headquarters in Liangjiang New District that focuses on large-screen products R&D center and operation center. In addition,

it is also right Formovie Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary, increased its capital by US$4 million to subscribe for 51% of WeCast’s equity in WeCast, which has strong consumer electronics product development capabilities,

introduce international talents and teams, reserve high-quality resources around its main business, and continue to explore overseas Blue ocean market.

With innovative technology and core devices as the background, Guangfeng Technology, which is developing into a large consumer market, appears to be full of vitality. Not only the independent brands and sub-brands are booming,

but also the partner brands are equipped with more complex business formats. In the future, Guangfeng Technology will reach more cooperation with brands such as Wenheyou,

so as to realize the extension of the brand product industry chain.

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Shenzhen Wenheyou Hotly Opens Guangfeng Technology’s Large Laser Display Screen
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