Snapdragon 888 Pro first exposure: listed in Q3 2021

Snapdragon 888 Pro first exposure: listed in Q3 2021

On April 24, the blogger broke the news that domestic manufacturers of Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Pro are testing, and there will be models on Q3.

According to the data,

starting from the Snapdragon 855,In the second half of the year, Qualcomm will mass produce an upgraded version of the commercial Snapdragon 8 series flagship processor, called the Snapdragon 855 Plus, and launched the Snapdragon 865 Plus in the second half of last year.

By convention,This year, the Snapdragon 888 flagship processor is also expected to launch an upgraded version,

which may be named Snapdragon 888 Pro.

Judging from the previous upgrades of the Snapdragon 855 Plus and Snapdragon 865 Plus, the upgraded version of the Snapdragon 888 processor is expected to be a small upgrade. It may still be Samsung’s 5nm process. The CPU frequency will be improved, and the overall performance Snapdragon 888 cannot make a big gap.

It is worth noting that the previous blogger broke the news on Twitter that the processor information of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is top secret.

Based on this speculation, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 may use Qualcomm’s new-generation flagship processor Snapdragon. 888 Pro. PS: The Galaxy Z Fold 2 released last year uses the Snapdragon 865 Plus flagship processor.

By convention,

The flagship mobile phone released in the second half of the year is expected to be equipped with the Snapdragon 888 Pro, which will be the most powerful flagship chip in the Android camp. We will wait and see.

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Snapdragon 888 Pro first exposure: listed in Q3 2021
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