Spy photos of Xiaomi folding Screen Phone,

Spy photos of Xiaomi folding Screen Phone, https://www.duzline.com

With more and more folding screen mobile phones appearing in the smartphone market, many manufacturers who have not yet released folding screen mobile phones have also attracted much attention.

Xiaomi brand is now very popular in the mobile phone market, but it has not yet launched mobile phones with folding screen design. Many rice noodles have expressed their can’t wait to buy folding screen mobile phones.

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Recently, some netizens on the Internet released a picture of a suspected Xiaomi folding screen mobile phone. Let’s take a look together.

From the pictures released by this netizen, it can be seen that this mobile phone adopts an inner folding screen design, which looks good in size. After the screen is unfolded, it may be about 8 inches.

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On the back of the mobile phone, there is no display screen for the time being, but according to the market development trend, this mobile phone should also be equipped with a secondary screen, on the right side of the camera.

It is worth noting that although the authenticity of this spy photo remains to be discussed, the mobile phone on the back is marked with the words “XIA··” and “MIX”, which is very similar to Xiaomi’s “XIAOMI”.

In addition, there is a lot of exposure information about Xiaomi’s new mobile phone during this period on the Internet, some of which are the parameters of the mobile phone and part of which are the appearance design of the mobile phone.

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Judging from the exposure information, there is no official confirmation of Xiaomi’s folding screen mobile phone appearance at present, and a lot of content is just everyone’s guess.

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Spy photos of Xiaomi folding Screen Phone, https://www.duzline.com
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