Super pull-out design on the phone!The back screen goes round and round again

Super pull-out design on the phone!The back screen goes round and round again

A few days ago, Xiaomi 11 Ultra was officially released. Regarding the configuration, there is no need to go into details, I believe everyone knows it.


in terms of design, this time the Mi 11 Ultra brings some “new tricks”, such as the eye-catching back screen design.

The back screen design is not new, some manufacturers have tried it long ago

To say that the back screen design is a “new trick” is actually not new, but it’s not very common in the past year or two, and it is difficult to see products with similar designs.

But before that, many products have been used, such as Meizu Pro7, which is one of the first mobile phones to adopt a back-screen design.

At that time, Meizu called it a picture screen, and many netizens jokingly called it “smart window”. It integrates functions such as a functional screen, MP3, and rear camera Selfie. It was definitely considered a black-tech design that year.

Later, some manufacturers have successively launched some models with dual-screen design. To some extent, it can also be regarded as a continuation of the back-screen and secondary-screen design, such as the vivo NEX dual-screen version, Nubia Z20, etc. .

Back screen revival?

However,the mobile phone industry is often so unexpected,

but the design of the year is showing signs of “recovering” today.

As you can see, with the release of the Xiaomi 11 Ultra, the “back screen”

and “Smart Window” have returned to everyone’s field of vision.

Not only are the popularity still high, but there is also a resurgence.

Coincidentally, a group of OPPO’s secondary screen patents have been exposed on the Internet. From the exposed patent documents, OPPO has placed four lenses on the back on a ring, and the middle part is vacant. OPPO will have a secondary screen. Placed in the center, it is als used to display the time, date, or simple notification. It can be said that both design ideas and functions are familiar to everyone.

No one thought that Meizu’s former secondary screen design would become a hot spot now.

Mobile phone back screen design is also new content under differentiated innovation

As an electronic device that everyone uses every day, it can be said that it has been tightly bound to life, to the point where it is inseparable.

But after so many years of development and exploration, mobile phones have not moved towards a more diversified direction, but have become more homogeneous.

For manufacturers, in order to change these status quo, they will actively cultivate their own differentiated innovation capabilities.

Therefore, even in the general environment, each product adopts similar or similar design ideas, but will still try to be different in some detailed designs, usage methods, and internal functions.

There is no doubt that the mobile phone back screen design is a new content under differentiated innovation,

which has certain practicability, such as convenient selfies, can display some simple information at any time, etc.,

in addition to highlighting personality, enriching the visual senses and so on.

Embellishment effect.

Under the premise that the appearance design of the mobile phone cannot be broken through, adding a small back screen does play an embellishment effect.

Note that it is only said to serve as an “embellishment” here, which shows that the design itself does not have the ability to change the status quo of the industry.

In the final analysis, its function is really simple, and it does not have the possibility of high-frequency use, and it cannot bring about an improvement in the user experience.

In addition to displaying some dispensable information, it cannot bring any substantial changes to a mobile phone.

It can be said that no matter how novel the back screen design is, it is only temporary for users. As time goes by, the freshness period is over, the back screen design will not be so attractive.

Looking back at the Xiaomi 11 Ultra, even if this phone is not called the “Android King”, it is not far away, basically standing at the top of today’s flagship.

For users with such product power, one more back screen is the icing on the cake, and one less back screen does not affect the status of the product itself.

After all, it doesn’t matter how the secondary screen is. The key depends on the positioning of the product itself. Positioning is a very important thing.
Even if a mobile phone is innovative,

it will be difficult to succeed if the positioning is not accurate.

Finally, there is something to say:

Going around and around, the back screen design has begun to appear in the public eye again.

The once stunning design is still full of gimmicks in today’s view.

For some mobile phone enthusiasts, it is difficult to ignore the charm.

But as we said before, when the back screen function remains unchanged,

there is still a dilemma that the frequency of use is low and the user experience cannot be profoundly affected.

Therefore, this feature itself is more creative and less practical. Except for some flagship products that add secondary screen designs to improve recognition,

there is basically no possibility of popularization, and it cannot become a new industry trend.

As for the signs of “recovery”, I personally think it is only temporary. Of course, the real result depends on the subsequent market feedback.

At least for now, it is difficult for the back screen to rise to the same high industry status as fast charging and high refreshing.

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Super pull-out design on the phone!The back screen goes round and round again
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