Supply chain news: iPhone 13 is scheduled to be released in September without postponement!

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In accordance with past practices, Apple will hold an autumn new product launch conference in September this year to officially launch a new generation of flagship mobile phone-iPhone 13.

However, the recent global chip supply, situation is not optimistic. There have been many sources, of news that the iPhone 13 series, may be postponed due to this.

Iphone 13 Release Date,

However, according to the latest research report of Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives,Recently, supply chain news has confirmed, that the iPhone 13 series, will be released in September as scheduled and will not be postponed.

At the same time, the analyst also revealed that the iPhone 13 is scheduled to be officially launched in the third week of September, but some models may be postponed to October. This is undoubtedly good news for the majority of “fruit fans” friends.

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According to previous news,In addition to the upgrade in configuration, the iPhone 13 series, will usher in a change in appearance again, and Liu Haiping, which has been complained by users for many years, will change.

According to the exposed rendering,iPhone 13 will use the latest Face ID components, which can reduce the volume of face recognition components.

As a result, the area of ​​the bangs is greatly reduced,At the same time, the frame around the screen is further narrowed, and the overall visual effect of the screen is better than the current one, and the screen-to-body ratio is higher.

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at the same time,The iPhone 13 series will also usher in the high refresh rate for the first time, and is equipped with Samsung’s top LTPO screen, which can support 1-120Hz adaptive refresh rate adjustment.Compared with ordinary high refreshing screen, it saves more power.

In addition, the design of the rear camera module of the iPhone 13 series will also be upgraded. It will adopt a crater-like transitional design similar to the iPhone 7 era. At the same time, the entire module has also been blackened.

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IPhone 13 rendering image small bangs,and more

The overall visual experience will be improved. It is more coordinated and more beautiful than the very obtrusive design of the current iPhone 12 series.

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7 New Leaks iPhone 14, sure you would like to know
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