Bangladeshi lawyer files sedition case over Al Jazeera report

Reporters and Al Jazeera’s acting director general accused in a case over the report that revealed high-level corruption among Bangladesh’s governing elite. A government-linked Bangladeshi lawyer has filed a sedition case over an Al Jazeera investigative report that revealed how a criminal gang is colluding with Bangladesh’s security forces, and has links to the country’s […]

Al Jazeera journalists hacked using Israeli firm’s spyware

Watchdog suspects Saudi Arabia and the UAE of being behind hacking of 36 journalists earlier this year. Dozens of journalists at Al Jazeera Media Network were targeted this year by advanced spyware sold by an Israeli firm in an attack likely linked to the governments of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, a cybersecurity […]

Still Here by AJ Contrast wins two Shorty Social Good Awards #duzline #duzlinenews #follow4follow

Immersive multimedia experience wins Best Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality categories. AJ Contrast’s immersive multimedia experience Still Here won two top prizes at the 5th annual Shorty Social Good Awards. The virtual reality (VR) meets augmented reality (AR) interactive won in the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality categories, announced during a live virtual webcast on […]