Rage boils over amid Argentina’s unrelenting femicide crisis

Buenos Aires, Argentina – The women huddle close, crane their necks and take photos of the ornate advertising stand in the core of Argentina’s capital city that has been papered over with posters of men accused or convicted of murdering women. The word “FEMICIDA” – woman killer – screams out in large black letters under […]

Argentina’s president decries ‘unforgivable’ vaccine scandal

The health minister resigned late on Friday after reports he helped people jump the queue to receive coronavirus jabs. The president of Argentina has decried an “unforgivable” COVID-19 vaccine scandal that prompted the resignation of the country’s health minister. Gines Gonzalez Garcia stepped down on Friday after reports surfaced that he had aided people in […]

Argentina health minister resigns over COVID vaccine scandal

Resignation comes after reports of people using connections to jump the queue and receive COVID-19 jabs. Argentina’s health minister has resigned after reports surfaced that people in the South American nation were using connections to jump the queue and receive COVID-19 vaccines. In a statement posted on Twitter on Friday, Gines Gonzalez Garcia said individuals […]

Argentina health chief asked to resign after VIP vaccine access

Scandal surfaced after a veteran journalist said he had received a jab after speaking directly with Minister of Health Gines Gonzalez Garcia. Argentina’s president has sought the resignation of Minister of Health Gines Gonzalez Garcia, two sources in the presidency said on Friday, after media reports that people had been able to use connections to […]

Carlos Menem, former president of Argentina, dies aged 90

Menem, who served as president from 1989 to 1999, had been hospitalised for pneumonia several times in recent months. Argentina’s former President Carlos Menem has died at age 90 in Buenos Aires, the country’s Telam news agency and other media outlets reported on Sunday. Menem, who served two terms as president from 1989 to 1999 […]

Failure to contain COVID jeopardises Latin America recovery: IMF

The economic recovery of Latin America will remain uneven and at risk unless governments take control of the pandemic and COVID-19 cases decrease, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned Monday. “If there are no major achievements in vaccinations, if we cannot reverse the trend that we have seen in infections and mortality, then clearly, that […]

Small firms: Little engines that could save the global economy

Whether it is your local grocery store or a startup with a tiny amount of capital and big dreams, almost everywhere you look, small firms typically form the backbone of a country’s economy. Together, they employ the majority of the global workforce and tend to generate a substantial share of economic output. But small businesses’ […]

The Argentine women who fought for legal abortion – and won

Buenos Aires, Argentina – The road to legalising abortion in Argentina is paved with the sweat, tears and devotion of women who spent much of their lives fighting for change. They are revered as “las historicas” – the pioneering activists, lawyers and doctors who occupied the lonely space on street corners in the 1990s, waving […]

How Argentina Bucked Tradition in Latin America and Legalized Abortion

Latin America has long been hostile terrain for abortion rights advocates, even in recent decades as legal abortion became accessible in most of Europe, North America and other parts of the world. But a grassroots feminist movement claimed a victory in Argentina on Wednesday when the Senate legalized abortion in a surprisingly resounding vote — […]

Mettle and creativity: How an Argentine decor firm survived COVID

Buenos Aires, Argentina — On a Monday in March before the president ordered mass business closures to contain the spread of COVID-19, Eugenia Santome gathered her 20 employees at BeWe Home, a small firm that produces frames, boxes and other home decor items made from recycled wood. Anticipating that it was only a matter of […]

Argentine Senate approves bill to legalise abortion

BREAKING Argentina becomes the first major country in Latin America to legalise abortion. Argentina’s Senate on Wednesday passed a landmark abortion bill, becoming the first major country in Latin America to legalise abortion. The Senate voted by 38 in favor to 29 against with one abstention to approve a bill allowing the procedure through the […]

Argentina Legalizes Abortion, a Milestone in a Conservative Region

BUENOS AIRES — Argentina on Wednesday became the largest nation in Latin America to legalize abortion, a landmark vote in a conservative region and a victory for a grass-roots movement that turned years of rallies into political power. The high-stakes vote in the Senate gripped the nation into the early morning, and the measure’s approval […]

Argentina begins COVID vaccine campaign with Russian shots

Argentine officials stress safety of the shots after critics questioned Russia’s decision to approve the vaccine. Argentina began to vaccinate its citizens against the coronavirus on Tuesday, administering the first of 300,000 doses of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine delivered last week, the government said. Latin America’s third-largest economy has been hard hit by COVID-19. […]

Argentina on the cusp of historic vote to legalise abortion

Buenos Aires, Argentina – Argentina is marching towards what could be a historic moment as the Senate considers a bill to legalise abortion that, if approved, would make the Latin American country a leader on reproductive rights in the region. “I have a quota of optimism, because I think we, Argentine women, deserve it,” said Marta […]

Legal Abortion, Once a Long Shot in Catholic Argentina, Now Within Reach

BUENOS AIRES — Argentina’s Senate is on the verge of a vote that could turn the Catholic nation, homeland of Pope Francis, into the largest country in Latin America to legalize abortion, a move that would reverberate widely in a region where the church has long wielded power. The measure would make it legal for […]

Maradona, the redeemer

Among the many tragedies 2020 brought to us was Diego Maradona’s untimely death. The legendary football player passed away on November 25 at the age of 60 from a heart attack at his home in Argentina. Maradona is so much more than just the greatest football player of all time. He took football beyond the […]

Maradona autopsy shows no drink or illegal drugs

Autopsy finds that Maradona, who died in November aged 60, had problems with his kidneys, heart and lungs. Argentine football star Diego Maradona did not consume alcohol or illicit narcotics in the days before his death, an autopsy released on Wednesday said. Maradona, who died in November aged 60, had taken seven different medicines to treat depression, anxiety and […]

First batch of COVID-19 vaccines arrives in Latin America

The first formally approved batch of COVID-19 vaccine to arrive in Latin America was met ceremonies fitting a VIP on Wednesday: flags, television cameras and dignitaries lined up along the runway. A DHL flight touched down at Mexico City’s international airport and ground crew unloaded the first batches of ultra-cold vaccines produced by Pfizer and […]

Argentina heads for Senate vote on expanding abortion rights

Lower house of Congress has already approved bill that would expand availability of legal abortion. Argentina’s Senate will decide next week whether to give final approval to a government-backed bill that would expand the availability of legal abortion, a proposal that has divided a society with strong ties to the Roman Catholic church. On December […]

Argentina’s Senate passes ‘millionaire’s tax’ for COVID-19 relief

The one-time levy will apply to about 12,000 of the country’s richest citizens and fund medical supplies and aid for businesses. Argentina’s Senate has approved a wealth tax to help the government fund COVID-19 measures, including purchasing health supplies and offering economic relief to struggling businesses. The one-time levy, passed late on Friday with 42 […]

Argentine prosecutors investigate death of football star Maradona

Officials order search of properties of Maradona’s personal doctor days after the football legend’s sudden death. Argentine justice officials are investigating the death of soccer star Diego Maradona and ordered the search of properties of his personal doctor on Sunday, a local prosecutor’s office said. Maradona died at age 60 of a heart attack on […]

‘The greatest’: Thousands of Argentinians say goodbye to Maradona

Buenos Aires, Argentina — As Luciano Perez walked with his son Dante towards Argentina’s presidential palace, where Diego Maradona’s coffin was on display, he took solace in the crowds that had gathered along the Avenida de Mayo. He was glad to see that tens of thousands of people had showed up to honour the football […]

Infographic: The life of Diego Maradona

The life and career of Argentine football legend Diego Maradona, who has died at the age of 60. Argentinian football icon Diego Maradona died on Wednesday from a heart attack at just 60 years old, following years of health problems. Three days of national mourning were called for the player who led Argentina to a […]