Twitter Is Turning Birds Into Celebrities and Birders Against One Another

In 2018 it was the Mandarin duck. Last October it was the barred owl. Just weeks ago it was the snowy owl. All three avian species catapulted to celebrity status after they landed in Central Park, becoming the subject of news reports from Manhattan to India and attracting gaggles of groupies, snapping away on their […]

In Pictures: How wildlife officers feed birds in freezing Kashmir

Wildlife official Ghulam Mohiuddin Dar and his colleagues are busy this winter in Indian-administered Kashmir, rowing out regularly into a frigid wetland to scatter grain to feed the birds. They feed these migratory birds to keep them from starving as weather conditions in the disputed Himalayan region deteriorate and temperatures plummet to minus 10 degrees […]

Do You Remember the Celebrity Birds of New York City?

Weather: A blast of cold, with a high in the low 20s and gusts up to 40 m.p.h. (at least it’ll be sunny). Over the weekend, highs of about 30; a snowstorm begins to arrive late Sunday. Alternate-side parking: In effect until Feb. 11 (Lunar New Year’s Eve). From “hot ducks” to snowy owls, New […]

India to cull tens of thousands of birds over avian flu outbreak

At least six Indian states have stepped up efforts to contain two strains of bird flu after the deaths of thousands of migratory birds. Tens of thousands of poultry will be slaughtered in India after an outbreak of deadly avian influenza was found to have killed scores of birds across the country, officials said on […]

Get the Birds To Come To You #duzline #duzlinenews #follow4follow

Hosting a gathering of friends at your home may not be advisable at this time, but getting together with a flock of feathered friends is a great diversion. During the pandemic, birding has become a popular escape with sales for seed suppliers, birdhouse builders and other bird related businesses “through the roof,” according to Audubon […]