UK agrees to EU request for more time to ratify Brexit deal

The delay by a month brings more uncertainty to an already fragile start to a new economic relationship. The U.K. agreed to allow the European Union to delay ratification of their post-Brexit trade deal by a month, injecting more uncertainty into the already fragile start to the two sides’ new relationship. In a letter to the European […]

There is still hope for the British left

It seems that a relentlessly pessimistic view of the past five years has settled among much of the left in the United Kingdom after the failure of the Corbyn project. Italian philosopher Antonio Gramsci, writing from his prison cell in 1929, famously coined the phrase “pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will”. Gramsci enjoined […]

Brexit Was Supposed to Liberate U.K. Businesses. They’re Seeing the Reverse.

LONDON — As the new year made Brexit a reality, Tony Hale encountered the pitfalls of Europe’s redrawn geography. Specifically, he confronted the need to extricate 53 tons of rotting pork products from administrative purgatory at a port in the Netherlands. For more than two decades, Mr. Hale’s company had shipped pork to the European […]

‘Jobs of the future’: UK outlines post-Brexit subsidy scheme

Business minister says UK wants to use its new freedoms to help domestic industries. The United Kingdom wants to establish a more flexible system of subsidy rules than those in place when it was a member of the European Union, business minister Kwasi Kwarteng said on Wednesday. Having left the EU fully in January, the […]

Brexit tensions: Northern Ireland port staff face intimidation

Staff carrying out post-Brexit checks at Northern Irish ports have been intimidated amid rising tensions in the region in the wake of the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union, a development Irish Prime Minister Micheal Martin has condemned as “sinister”. The issue prompted the EU on Tuesday to temporarily withdraw its staff deployed in […]

Ireland says not informed by EU about triggering Brexit protocol

Brussels reversed plan to invoke Article 16 of post-Brexit deal on Northern Ireland to restrict COVID vaccine exports. Ireland was not consulted by the European Commission before it briefly sought to restrict some exports of COVID-19 vaccines by invoking an emergency Brexit clause related to Northern Ireland, Ireland’s European Affairs Minister said. The EU abruptly […]

Biden, Johnson talk, but did they discuss US-UK trade deal?

UK says leaders discussed ‘benefits of a potential free-trade deal’, but US statement makes no mention of one. U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and U.S. President Joseph Biden struck different tones on the prospects of a trade deal between their respective countries, as Johnson became the first European leader to receive a phone call since […]

Brexit ‘opportunity’: Nissan to source more car batteries in UK

UK-EU trade deal avoids a 10% levy on cars as long as they meet a minimum level of locally sourced parts. Japanese carmaker Nissan will source more batteries from the United Kingdom to avoid tariffs on electric cars after the UK’s trade deal with the EU, which, according to a senior executive, turned Brexit from […]

‘Can’t cope’: After Brexit, UK border customs system hits limit

A key U.K. government customs system has been overwhelmed within weeks of Brexit and threatens to trigger more disruption as freight traffic rebounds. Exporters say they are struggling to acquire transit documents, which allow goods to enter the European Union without delay, because of a shortage of agents with the authority to issue them. Agents […]

British firms call for $10.3bn in urgent COVID-19 aid

The UK’s biggest lobby group has asked the government to extend its job support programme until the end of June. British firms have asked for another 7.6 billion pounds ($10.3bn) of emergency government help, saying they cannot wait until finance minister Rishi Sunak’s March budget to learn if they will get more pandemic support. With […]

With Brexit complete, fervour for Scottish independence grows

Glasgow, Scotland – On January 3, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was interviewed by BBC presenter Andrew Marr. Johnson had not long agreed to a post-Brexit trade deal with the European Union, ending months of bitter wrangling following the United Kingdom’s official departure from the trading bloc on January 31 last year, and a COVID-wracked […]

After Brexit, UK seeks worker-rights reforms, setting up EU clash

UK reportedly wants to scrap 48-hour limit on length of working week but says it will not lower protections. The U.K. government is exploring reforms to workers’ rights that would break from European Union rules, potentially opening Britain up to retaliatory measures from the bloc. Officials have drawn up proposals that would scrap the 48-hour […]

Brexit gives the Tories a free hand to destroy UK workers’ rights

In September 1988, two now famous speeches set out competing visions for the United Kingdom’s role in Europe and Europe’s role in the UK. In the first, European Commission President Jacques Delors addressed the UK’s Trade Union Congress, pitching the European Economic Community on the basis of a role for workers’ rights and collective bargaining, […]

Brexit gives the Tories a free hand to dismantle workers’ rights

In September 1988, two now famous speeches set out competing visions for the United Kingdom’s role in Europe and Europe’s role in the UK. In the first, European Commission President Jacques Delors addressed the UK’s Trade Union Congress, pitching the European Economic Community on the basis of a role for workers’ rights and collective bargaining, […]

Scottish fishermen halt exports due to Brexit red tape

In the first working week after Brexit, one-day deliveries were taking three or more days – if they got through at all. Many Scottish fishermen have halted exports to European Union markets after post-Brexit bureaucracy shattered the system that used to put fresh langoustine and scallops in French shops just a day after they were […]

In post-Brexit UK, quiet ports hide mounting transport chaos

A week on from Brexit, the main road to Dover has been so quiet that officials were able to close half of it Thursday for a litter-picking operation without causing delays for drivers. But behind such placid scenes, many truckers are still warning of chaos as they struggle to adjust to the new paperwork required […]

Turkey, UK safeguard $25bn worth of trade in post-Brexit deal

Ankara, Turkey – The post-Brexit trade deal between Turkey and the United Kingdom has safeguarded $25bn worth of business between the nations that find themselves two of the largest economies on the fringes of the European Union. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan described it as “the most important trade deal” since Ankara signed a customs […]

‘Worst situation you can ever be in’: What Gen Z thinks of Brexit

The United Kingdom has started the new year working on its new relationship with the European Union, after leaving the bloc’s political and economic orbit at the end of 2020. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson hailed the move, claiming Brexit would allow the UK to take back control of its “laws and destiny”. But many […]

UK scraps ‘tampon tax’ in move hailed by rights groups

UK says Brexit made it possible to drop sales tax on period products, given country is no longer bound by EU rules. Britain will stop charging VAT on tampons and sanitary towels from Friday, the finance ministry announced, saying Brexit made it possible to drop the sales tax on essential period products. The country left […]

New year, new era as UK begins post-Brexit future

A new era has dawned in the United Kingdom, which has turned its back on a 48-year liaison with the European project for an uncertain post-Brexit future. The UK left the EU’s vast single market for people, goods and services at 23:00 GMT, midnight in Brussels, on Thursday, New Year’s Eve, as the Brexit transition […]

Brexit Customs Checks Make a Quiet Debut at U.K. Ports

LONDON — At the ports and terminals on Britain’s southeast coast, a new era began Friday morning without much fuss. Ferries and trains that carry goods to France from Dover and Folkestone were running on time, and drivers snaked their trucks into the port unencumbered by congestion. To all appearances, little may have changed on […]

Video: Big Ben Chimes In Brexit Conclusion and Start of 2021

new video loaded: Big Ben Chimes In Brexit Conclusion and Start of 2021 transcript Back transcript Big Ben Chimes In Brexit Conclusion and Start of 2021 London’s famous clock tower rang out twice on Thursday night, marking the end of Britain’s Brexit transition period and the beginning of a new year. [clock chimes] [crowd counting] […]

Brexit: Four years after Brexit vote, UK leaves EU’s orbit

The UK has left the European Union’s single market and customs union as the Brexit saga enters a new chapter. The United Kingdom has left the European Union’s economic and political orbit in an historic departure that has split Britons politically and marked the country’s greatest shift on the global stage in modern times. As […]

Spain reaches deal with UK on Gibraltar, avoiding hard border

Just hours before the UK was to complete its break from the 27-nation bloc, Madrid and London clinched an agreement in principle. An 11th-hour breakthrough in protracted negotiations will keep open Gibraltar’s crucial border with Spain following the United Kingdom’s full departure from the European Union, Spanish Foreign Minister Arancha González Laya announced Thursday. Just […]