Is this the end of the Middle East’s oil rush?

Oil revenues in the Middle East and North Africa fell from more than $1 trillion in 2012 to $575bn in 2019, according to the International Monetary Fund. The pandemic has meant demand for fossil fuels has been decimated and may not return. Have oil-exporting countries done enough to diversify their economies? Plus, what has gone […]

Cyprus to strip seven people of ‘golden passports’

Cyprus has said it will strip seven people of their “golden passports” that were bought in the country’s citizenship-by-investment scheme. The move comes two weeks after Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit published The Cyprus Papers, a trove of leaked documents that showed the country sold passports to convicted criminals, fugitives from the law and those considered to […]

Trial opens for accused Football Leaks mastermind

Rui Pinto, the Portuguese man behind the Football Leaks website, said at the start of his trial that he was proud to be a whistle-blower on European football clubs’ big-money dealings. A 31-year-old former history student and self-taught computer mastermind, Pinto faces 90 charges – from unauthorised access to data and violation of correspondence to attempted […]

Is Zimbabwe reversing its policy on land seizures?

The issue of who owns the land in Zimbabwe is controversial. About 20 years ago, former President Robert Mugabe violently evicted thousands of white farmers and gave the land to Black families. He said it was to address colonial imbalances, but critics argue the policy destroyed the economy. Mugabe’s successor Emmerson Mnangagwa appears to be […]

Warships join fight to put out blaze on oil tanker off Sri Lanka

A new fire broke out on a supertanker carrying about two million barrels of oil in the Indian Ocean off Sri Lanka’s eastern coast as Russian and Indian warships joined the battle to put out the blaze. The New Diamond, travelling from Kuwait to the Indian port of Paradip with a cargo of 270,000 tonnes of […]

A review of eBay’s transformation 25 years since launch

It has been 25 years since an e-commerce website called AuctionWeb appeared online. That was at the beginning of the dot-com bubble when the scope and reach of e-commerce as it is today could barely be imagined. AuctionWeb became eBay. While largely eclipsed by Amazon, the company is still profitable, and its founder is branching […]

Pakistan’s PM: Our economic future is now linked to China

Imran Khan was sworn into office as Pakistan’s 22nd prime minister in August 2018. The cricketer-turned-politician promised justice for all and a corruption-free country. So, two years on, how is the fight against corruption going? How is he coping with the geopolitical changes? Has he turned the economy around? What about human rights and media […]

Colombia lifts restrictions as COVID-19 cases stabilise

Colombia has lifted its five-month coronavirus lockdown as COVID-19 cases have begun to stabilise across the country. Many sectors are now open for business, as the government wants to fix a struggling economy. Al Jazeera’s Alessandro Rampietti reports from Bogota. Source link

Mexico’s ‘Teflon’ presidency loses some sheen but survives

For a president with a plunging economy and the world’s fourth-highest number of confirmed COVID-19 deaths, Mexico’s Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is not doing so badly. In his second state-of-the-union address on Tuesday, Lopez Obrador emphasised what he considers his major achievements: the fight against corruption and his government’s austerity. “This government will not be […]

Zimbabwe: Foreign white farmers can apply to get seized land back

Zimbabwe said on Tuesday that only foreign white farmers protected by international investment treaties qualified to retrieve land seized by the government two decades ago.  On Monday, the government announced foreign white farmers settled in Zimbabwe whose land was seized under former President Robert Mugabe can apply to get it back and will be offered […]

Lebanon establishment tasks Mustapha Adib with forming new gov’t

Beirut, Lebanon – Lebanese diplomat Mustapha Adib has been tasked with forming a government by an overwhelming majority of parliamentarians representing the country’s political establishment. Adib received the votes of 90 MPs out of a possible 120, garnering the support of Hezbollah and its allies the Free Patriotic Movement and the Amal Movement, in addition […]

First-ever flight: Israeli plane heads to UAE over Saudi Arabia

High-level delegations are flying from Israel to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on the first-ever commercial flight between the Middle Eastern nations to put final touches on a controversial pact establishing open relations. Top aides to US President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be on board the direct flight from Tel […]

UAE scraps Israel economic boycott after US-brokered deal

The ruler of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has scrapped an economic boycott against Israel, allowing trade and financial agreements between the countries in another key step towards normal ties. The US-brokered deal to open up relations between Israel and the UAE was announced on August 13. It required Israel to halt its contentious plan […]

Roger Waters: We’re weakened by neoliberal economic policies

Pink Floyd are rock music legends, and so is their co-founder, bass player, singer and songwriter Roger Waters. After selling hundreds of millions of records, Waters left the group in 1985 because of growing disenchantment with the music industry and his band. Thirty-five years on, he is still selling out concerts around the world. Off-stage, he […]

How Tripoli’s port ‘stepped in’ after ‘apocalyptic’ Beirut blast

Tripoli, Lebanon – On August 4, several ships were making their way through the Mediterranean Sea towards the port of Beirut to offload shipments of wheat, medicine and steel, among others. But when the clock struck 6:08pm in Lebanon, a huge explosion at Beirut port’s now-infamous Hangar 12 sent strong shockwaves through the sea. They […]

Trump to bash Biden, tout own record amid crises in RNC speech

President Donald Trump will formally accept the Republican Party’s nomination for the upcoming presidential election in a speech at the White House on Thursday night that will be aimed at rallying his base of political supporters and addressing the crises of the pandemic, cratered economy and civil unrest confronting the United States. Trump is expected […]

Facebook executive who shared anti-Muslim post apologises: Report

A Facebook India executive has apologised to Muslim staff for sharing a post that dubbed Muslims in India a “degenerate community”, according to a report by BuzzFeed News. The post, originally written by a police officer last year in response to nationwide protests against a new citizenship law, said for Muslims, “nothing except purity of […]

China fires ‘aircraft-carrier killer’ missile in warning to US

China has fired two missiles, including one dubbed an “aircraft-carrier killer”, into the South China Sea, according to a news report, in a pointed warning to the United States as tensions in the disputed sea lane rise to new levels.  The South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported on Thursday that Beijing fired one intermediate-range ballistic […]

Lebanon shop owners plan to reopen despite coronavirus lockdown

Beirut, Lebanon – Merchants and business owners in Lebanon plan to defy a coronavirus lockdown, saying they can no longer afford to keep their shops shut amid a deepening economic crisis that has plunged more than half of the population into poverty. “We will not be able to keep our stores closed for another day due to the […]