Dutch parliament says China’s treatment of Uighurs is genocide

The Dutch motion says China’s actions in Xinjiang, including birth control measures, fall under UN genocide convention. The Dutch parliament on Thursday passed a non-binding motion saying the treatment of the Muslim Uighur minority in China amounted to genocide, the first such move by a European country. “A genocide on the Uighur minority is occurring […]

China’s Xi declares ‘complete victory’ against rural poverty

China says about 98.99 million people in countryside have been lifted out of poverty in the last eight years. China’s President Xi Jinping has declared “complete victory” in his government’s effort to eradicate rural poverty, lifting the income of nearly 100 million people over the past eight years. The Chinese leader made the announcement at […]

Canada’s parliament passes motion saying China’s treatment of Uighurs is genocide

Author:  Reuters article author:  Reuters ID:  1614069846822911600 Tue, 2021-02-23 08:40 OTTAWA: Canada’s parliament passed a non-binding motion on Monday saying China’s treatment of the Uighur Muslim minority in the Xinjiang region constitutes genocide, putting pressure on Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government to follow suit. Canada’s House of Commons voted 266-0 for the motion brought […]

Lam defends China’s plan to ensure only ‘patriots’ rule Hong Kong

Beijing says anyone who ‘goes against China and disrupts Hong Kong’ must not be allowed to take office in the semi-autonomous city. Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam has endorsed plans by Beijing to ensure “patriots” rule the city, saying they were needed to stop hatred of China and sustain the “one country, two systems” […]

Canada’s parliament says China’s treatment of Uighurs genocide

Non-binding motion comes amid increasing pressure on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to take harder line against China. Canada’s parliament has passed a non-binding motion that says China’s treatment of its Muslim Uighur minority constitutes genocide, heaping pressure on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government to do the same. The motion, sponsored by the opposition Conservative Party, […]

China’s ‘No 1 document’: Beijing steps up focus on food security

China points to ‘instability of the external situation’ in latest rural policy blueprint, urges boost in domestic seed supplies. China will put greater pressure on its regions to boost grain yields and step up support for its domestic seed industry as it strengthens its focus on food security after the COVID-19 pandemic, a key policy […]

US wary China’s new coast guard law could escalate sea disputes

State Department says language in the law could be used by Beijing to intimidate its neighbours in the region amid South China Sea tension. The United States is concerned about China’s recently enacted coast guard law and that it could escalate maritime disputes and be invoked to assert unlawful claims, the US State Department said […]

China’s big step to explore the depths of the earth – Urdu News

China’s big step to explore the depths of the earth – Urdu News

  BEIJING: China has set up an in-depth scientific research lab. Details According to the report, China has inaugurated a new lab to promote in-depth scientific research and technology to identify mineral resources. The Ministry of Natural Resources says the lab has been developed in collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, with the […]

This Lunar New Year: Good for China’s factories, bad for travel

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Across many parts of Asia, and among Asian diaspora beyond the region, families are normally busy around this time of year repainting and spring cleaning their homes to prepare for visits by family members or buying oranges and festive cookies, all to get set for the Lunar New Year celebrations. But […]

China’s Mars Mission Is Up Next to Orbit the Red Planet

China’s space agency has a penchant for secrecy around its missions. It has shown more openness in the past year, providing a live video on state media of its Chang’e-4 mission’s launch to the moon. Should it announce a more precise arrival time, we will provide it here. What will the spacecraft do on Wednesday? […]

UK broadcast regulator revokes licence of China’s CGTN

Ofcom said the current licence holder, Star China Media Ltd, had failed to show that it had editorial oversight over CGTN. The UK’s broadcast regulator says it is revoking the licence of Chinese news network CGTN after finding its state-backed ownership structure flouted British law. Ofcom said on Thursday the current licence holder, Star China […]

US slams China’s ‘destabilising’ South China Sea military flights

US says Chinese military flights posed no threat to its Navy aircraft carrier but fit a pattern of aggressive behaviour by Beijing. The US military has said that Chinese military flights in the past week in the South China Sea “at no time” posed any threat to a US Navy aircraft carrier strike group in […]

China’s Big Tech clampdown: Why some businesses stand to benefit

Shenzhen, China – For Nicole Gao, Taobao Live is a lifeline. The Shenzhen-based businesswoman uses the live-streaming platform owned by Alibaba, China’s dominant e-commerce company, to sell beauty products such as facial masks, skin tightening creams, and moisturisers to online audiences of up to 30,000 at a time. That may sound like a lot, but […]

How Beijing Turned China’s Covid-19 Tragedy to Its Advantage

One year ago this week, the Chinese Communist Party was on the verge of its biggest crisis in decades. The coronavirus had brought the city of Wuhan to a halt. In the following days, the government’s efforts to conceal the pandemic would become public, sparking an online backlash of the kind the Chinese internet hadn’t […]

Taiwan reports large incursion by China’s air force

Taipei says Chinese combat aircraft, including nuclear-capable H-6K bombers and four J-16 fighter jets, entered its airspace. Nuclear-capable Chinese bombers and fighter jets entered the southwestern corner of Taiwan’s air defence identification zone on Saturday and Taiwan’s air force deployed missiles to “monitor” the large-scale incursion. Taiwan’s air force warned away the Chinese aircraft, the […]

Global chip shortage chokes China’s bitcoin mining sector

A global chip shortage is choking the production of machines used to “mine” bitcoin, a sector dominated by China, sending prices of the computer equipment soaring as a surge in the cryptocurrency drives demand. The scramble is pricing out smaller miners and accelerating an industry consolidation that could see deep-pocketed players, many outside China, profit […]

Twitter locks account of China’s US embassy for post on Xinjiang

Social media giant says embassy post declaring that Uighur women were ‘no longer baby making machines’ dehumanises minority group. Twitter has locked the account of China’s embassy in the United States for a social media post that defended China’s policies towards Muslim Uighurs in the Xinjiang region, which the platform said violated the firm’s policy […]

China’s Jack Ma emerges for first time since Ant crackdown

Ma, the billionaire founder of tech giants Alibaba and Ant Group, had not been seen since regulators blocked Ant’s record public share offer in November. Alibaba and Ant co-founder Jack Ma has resurfaced after months out of public view, quashing intense speculation about the plight of the billionaire grappling with escalating scrutiny over his internet […]

U.S. Says China’s Repression of Uighurs Is ‘Genocide’

Tensions sharply worsened from 2009, when Uighurs taking part in ethnic riots killed about 200 Han in Urumqi, the regional capital, after earlier tensions and violence. Chinese security forces began a sweeping crackdown. Attacks and more crackdowns occurred across Uighur towns in the years afterward, as well as in some cities outside Xinjiang. Since 2017, […]

China’s wide income gap holds back consumer spending

China’s successful control of Covid-19 made it the only major economy to have grown last year, but a wide income inequality gap and still weak consumer spending reflects an unbalanced recovery. Here’s a deeper look at some of the underlying data published alongside the gross domestic product report this week: Income Gap Official figures released […]

China’s economy grew faster than expected in 2020

China is likely to have been the only large economy to grow last year as it rebounded from COVID lockdowns. While much of the world struggles with the resurgent coronavirus, and the economic pain it is bringing, China has recorded a positive growth rate for 2020, likely making it the only large economy to do […]

In parting shot, Trump halts supplies to China’s Huawei: Report

The Trump administration notified Huawei suppliers, including United States-based chipmaker Intel, that it is revoking certain licences to sell to the Chinese company and intends to reject dozens of other applications to supply the telecommunications firm, people familiar with the matter told the Reuters news agency. The action – likely the last against Huawei Technologies […]

New wave: China’s COVID infections cloud economic recovery

From cancelled hotel bookings ahead of the Lunar New Year to steel piled up at mills because of transport curbs in Hebei province, China’s battle against a new wave of COVID-19 infections clouds what has been a dramatic economic recovery. New coronavirus cases in China are at 10-month highs, prompting the lockdown of 28 million people in two […]