New strategy to hide 5G towers in cities around the world

New strategy to hide 5G towers in cities around the world

If you’re driving through some cities in Arizona, you might have noticed some large cactuses (or cacti) approximately 2-feet tall, along the sides of the road. But these are not real plants. They were constructed in order to cover up 4G LTE antennas; inside the fake cactuses you’ll find radio equipment. The idea is to […]

Strong tremors felt in Indian capital of Delhi, in Pakistani cities

article author:  Reuters Author:  Fri, 2021-02-12 20:28 NEW DELHI: Strong tremors were felt in parts of Northern India including the capital city of New Delhi and as far as Srinagar, Reuters witnesses said late on Friday. The intensity of the earthquake was not immediately clear from official agencies.  Reuters witnesses in Pakistan’s capital of Islamabad […]

U.S. Cities Are Vastly Undercounting Emissions, Researchers Find

Dr. Gurney said that the errors seemed to be simple miscalculations. “I don’t think there’s any attempt to systematically or intentionally underestimate emissions,” he said. Although some cities correctly estimated their emissions, he noted, though “whether that’s right for the right reasons or right for the wrong reasons, it’s difficult to know.” Dr. Gurney’s work […]

Chinese cities using anal swabs to screen COVID infections

Study shows virus traces in faecal samples could remain detectable for a longer time and provide more accurate test results. Some Chinese cities are using samples taken from the anus to detect potential COVID-19 infections as China steps up screening to make sure no potential carrier of the new coronavirus is missed ahead of next […]

Dutch police clash with anti-lockdown rioters in two cities

Rioters clash with police and damage properties in Netherlands capital Amsterdam and southern city of Eindhoven. Demonstrations against a new curfew to curb the spread of the coronavirus in the Netherlands have turned into riots and clashes with police in some places, according to authorities and reports. Authorities on Sunday used water cannon and dogs […]

Tunisia: Protests over moribund economy spread to a dozen cities

Fighting broke out between Tunisian police and protesters in the capital Tunis and at least 15 cities for the third consecutive day as youths demonstrated against the unprecedented economic crisis the country faces. Police swooped in as shops and banks were looted and vandalized on Sunday, arresting “dozens” of youths, according to state news agency […]

Protests erupt in Tunisian cities amid anger over poor economy

Witnesses in Sousse say security forces fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of angry protesters blocking roads. Violent protests broke out in several Tunisian cities, including the capital Tunis and the coastal city of Sousse, as anger mounts over economic hardship. The demonstrations on Saturday night come as Tunisia marks the tenth anniversary of the […]

China seals off two cities to contain coronavirus outbreak

China has sealed off two cities south of Beijing, cutting transport links and banning millions of residents from leaving, as authorities move to stem the country’s largest COVID-19 outbreak in six months. The pandemic has so far broadly been brought to heel by Chinese authorities since its emergence in Wuhan in late 2019, with small […]

Here are some ways that COVID is transforming cities everywhere

The coronavirus has upended many aspects of life in cities worldwide, particularly as large numbers of white-collar workers choose to work from home and shun public transport – shifts that are likely to last, according to urban experts. This will have an enormous effect on city centres and central business districts (CBD) that have typically […]

Are Cities a Safe Place to Live During a Pandemic?

In editorials published in the spring on the Brookings website and in NextCity, a nonprofit news organization, Dr. Loh and her co-authors have argued that some of the very traits that can make cities more dangerous during a pandemic, like population density, can also make them more advantageous should a pandemic take hold. Populous urban […]