US Congress to set up commission to investigate Capitol attack

Independent commission will ‘get to the truth’ about January 6 mob attack, says Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The United States Congress will establish an independent commission to investigate and report on the January 6 siege of the US Capitol, a top Democratic Party lawmaker said on Monday. US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi […]

Biden, Congress honour police officer killed in Capitol riot

Officer Brian Sicknick is the fifth person to ‘lie in honor’ at the US Capitol, a special designation for US civilians. US members of Congress on Wednesday paid sombre respects to Brian Sicknick, the police officer who died defending the Capitol from a mob of far-right supporters of former President Donald Trump. The cremated remains […]

Brazil Congress elects Bolsonaro allies as new leaders

Allies of the president elected as the head the Senate and lower house, a key victory ahead of the next year’s presidential election. Brazil’s Congress has elected two allies of President Jair Bolsonaro to head the Senate and lower house, an important victory for the far-right leader as he seeks to re-galvanise his reelection efforts […]

Biden to order stopgap aid while Congress considers big stimulus

US President Joe Biden is set to sign two executive orders on Friday to provide stopgap help to struggling Americans while Congress mulls his proposed $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief aid package. United States President Joe Biden plans to take executive action Friday to provide a stopgap measure of financial relief to millions of Americans while […]

US Congress removes hurdle for Biden’s defence secretary pick

The United States Congress is moving swiftly to approve President Joe Biden’s nominee for secretary of defense, retired Army General Lloyd Austin. The House of Representatives voted 326-78 on Thursday to provide a legal waiver allowing General Austin to become the top US government official overseeing the US military. The Senate approved the waiver shortly […]

‘Chilling’ crackdown on dissent in Vietnam ahead of key congress

As Vietnam’s ruling Communist Party gears up for its most important meeting in years, its leadership has presided over an intensified crackdown on dissent, according to rights groups, activists and data collated by Reuters news agency. A record number of political prisoners, longer jail terms, and increased harassment of activists in recent years have contributed […]

​Kim Jong-un Uses Party ​Congress to Double Down on Nuclear Program

SEOUL, South Korea — As North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, convened ​a party congress over the past ​eight days, outside analysts wondered if his failure to improve the economic lives of his people would affect the dictator’s nuclear ambitions. At the gathering of his ruling Workers’ Party, Mr. Kim provided an unequivocal answer: absolutely not. […]

US Congress certifies Joe Biden as next president, Harris as VP

After a chaotic day of protest and violence, Congress has certified Democrats Joe Biden as the next president and Kamala Harris as vice president of the United States. The action finalises the 2020 US electoral process and makes clear that Biden will be inaugurated as president on January 20, President Donald Trump’s refusal to concede […]

Twitter, Facebook freeze Trump’s accounts after Congress assault

Facebook also said it would search for and remove content which praised the storming of the Capitol or encouraged the violence. Social media giants Twitter and Facebook temporarily locked the accounts of US President Donald Trump, as they scrambled to crack down on his baseless claims about the US presidential elections after his supporters stormed […]

Obama: attack on US Congress ‘great shame’ but not surprising

Pence says ‘violence never wins,’ McConnell decries ‘attempted insurrection’ as Congress resumes electoral count WASHINGTON: Vice President Mike Pence condemned the violent supporters of President Donald Trump who stormed the US Capitol on Wednesday in an attempt to block certification of the presidential election results, as the US Senate resumed its vote count after an […]

Trump still will not concede as Congress meets to affirm election

Trump falsely insists he won the US election, telling thousands gathered in Washington that victory was ‘stolen’ from him. President Donald Trump declared he will “never concede” as Congress readied to meet to tally and certify President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. Clinging to the false idea that he won the United States election, Trump insisted to […]

Final step: US Congress meets to certify Biden election victory

The United States Congress will meet on Wednesday to certify the victory of President-elect Joe Biden. Some Republicans in both the Senate and House have said they will object to certifying the results in at least three states, in a last-ditch attempt in support of President Donald Trump that is all-but-assured to fail. Democrat Raphael […]

What to expect when the US Congress meets to affirm Biden win

The US Congress meets on Wednesday to tally the Electoral College votes, the final constitutional step in determining the next president of the United States. In an ordinary presidential election year, this ceremonial and non-controversial joint session of Congress is the culmination of a hard-fought campaign. But the 2020 presidential election and its aftermath were […]

Venezuela socialist party takes control of once-defiant congress

Nicolas Maduro extended his grip on power on Tuesday as the governing socialist party prepared to assume the leadership of Venezuela’s congress, the last institution in the country it did not already control. Maduro’s allies swept legislative elections last month boycotted by the opposition and denounced as a sham by the United States, the European […]

In a stinging rebuke, US Congress overrides Trump’s veto of defense bill

WASHINGTON: Congress on Friday overrode President Donald Trump’s veto of a defense policy bill, a first by lawmakers since he took office nearly four years ago, ensuring that the measure becomes law.In an extraordinary New Year’s Day session, the Republican-controlled Senate easily turned aside the veto, dismissing Trump’s objections to the $740 billion bill and […]

US Congress overrides Trump’s veto of defence bill

BREAKING Senate vote enacts into law $740bn defence spending legislation that President Donald Trump had objected to. The United States Congress has voted to override President Donald Trump’s veto of a major defence bill, bringing to an end a tumultuous legislative session and political showdown that pitted the US president against members of his own […]

North Korea prepares for key party congress as challenges mount

The first congress in more than four years will take place amid the COVID-19 pandemic and a change in US President. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un chaired a Politburo meeting on preparations for a rare party congress in early January that is expected to set new economic and political goals for the country, state […]

Trump demands Congress amend ‘wasteful’ COVID relief bill

Demands to change the bipartisan bill could further delay the delivery of financial assistance to millions of Americans during the pandemic. US President Donald Trump has rejected a nearly $900bn emergency spending legislation to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, telling Congress to amend the bill and increase the amount of relief to Americans, among other demands. […]

US Congress passes $892bn in COVID relief measures

BREAKING The bill provides $3.36bn for vaccine alliance GAVI, which provides vaccines to people in low-income countries. After months of partisan conflict, the United States Congress has approved a nearly $900bn emergency spending bill responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. The COVID-19 relief bill provides $284bn for loans to small business to keep workers employed and […]

US Congress poised to pass COVID relief bill

The $900bn stimulus package is aimed at boosting the economy and includes direct payments to Americans. The United States Congress is moving quickly towards passage on Monday of a $900bn emergency spending bill responding to the COVID-19 pandemic after months of partisan conflict. The COVID-19 relief bill provides $284bn for loans to small business to […]

US Congress still deadlocked on new COVID-19 aid bill

Politicians in the United States Congress on Thursday remained far apart on the terms of a new COVID-19 economic relief package, making an agreement between Republicans and Democrats unlikely this week. US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat, said it appears negotiations may now slip into late December, or even next year, as […]