US demands release of Uighur doctor sentenced to 20 years’ jail

The call to release Gulshan Abbas, who was convicted on terrorism-related charges, came as China urged Washington to halt ‘lies, smears’. The United States called on Wednesday for the release of a Uighur Muslim medical doctor whose relatives say was sentenced to 20 years in jail in China because of family members’ human rights activism […]

EU demands China release 12 Hong Kong activists as trial begins

EU statement comes as Brussels gears up to agree a significant investment deal with China. The European Union has demanded Beijing release 12 Hong Kong pro-democracy activists arrested while trying to leave the territory by boat. The EU statement came on Tuesday as 10 of those activists went on trial in China while Brussels gears […]

Trump demands Congress amend ‘wasteful’ COVID relief bill

Demands to change the bipartisan bill could further delay the delivery of financial assistance to millions of Americans during the pandemic. US President Donald Trump has rejected a nearly $900bn emergency spending legislation to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, telling Congress to amend the bill and increase the amount of relief to Americans, among other demands. […]

‘Bharat Bandh’: Indian farmers launch strike to press for demands

New Delhi, India – Tens of thousands of Indian farmers camping on the outskirts of the capital city, New Delhi, for more than a week have launched a “Bharat Bandh” (nationwide general strike) to demand the scrapping of three farm laws they say will hurt their livelihood and benefit only corporations. Farmer leaders say the […]

Australia demands China apology over ‘repugnant’ Twitter post

Australia demands removal of fake photo of soldier posted by official government spokesman, as ties further deteriorate. Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison has condemned a fake image of an Australian soldier posted on the Twitter account of a Chinese government spokesman as “truly repugnant” and demanded the post be removed. The image, depicting a grinning […]

Iran parliament demands end of nuclear inspections after murder

Tehran, Iran – Following the assassination of a top nuclear scientist near Tehran, Iran’s conservative parliament has called for a halt to international inspections of the country’s nuclear facilities as a proportionate response to the killing. In a statement signed by all members of parliament, the legislative body said on Sunday “the hand of the […]

‘Demands not met’: Anti-government protests resume in Iraq #duzline #duzlinenews #follow4follow

Hundreds of protesters gathering in Baghdad, southern provinces, demanding reforms, end to corruption. Iraqi protesters are gathering in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square to mark one year since anti-government protests erupted and gripped the country. Sunday’s demonstrations renewed the same calls from last October which saw the start of Iraq’s biggest anti-government protest movement since the 2003 […]