Disabled Apartment Owners Fear Fire Traps in Aftermath of Grenfell Disaster

LONDON — Like many across England, Sarah Rennie has lost sleep worrying about her building catching fire, especially since inspectors discovered that the high-rise is wrapped in a flammable material similar to the one that fueled the deadly blaze at London’s Grenfell Tower in 2017. But the fear is compounded for Ms. Rennie. She uses […]

How Texas’ Drive for Energy Independence Set It Up for Disaster

But both agencies are nearly unaccountable and toothless compared to regulators in other regions, where many utilities have stronger consumer protections and submit an annual planning report to ensure adequate electricity supply. Texas energy companies are given wide latitude in their planning for catastrophic events. Into a snowstorm with no reserves One example of how […]

Texas disaster ‘foreseeable and preventable’, Houston mayor says

Texas will hold hearings this week into how a winter storm cut millions off from utilities and killed dozens, a disaster which the mayor of Houston called “foreseeable and preventable”. Texas State Representative Craig Goldman said on Sunday that power companies, including the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), and other stakeholders would take part […]

Biden issues disaster declaration for Texas amid deep freeze

Declaration unlocks federal funding and aid for Texas, where winter storm has left millions without power and water. United States President Joe Biden has issued a disaster declaration for the state of Texas, where a major winter storm has left millions without power and water. In a statement on Saturday morning, the White House said […]

Opinion | The Lessons of the Texas Power Disaster

There is a great deal of nonsense being written and spoken about this week’s power failures in Texas, which left a number of people dead and millions without power or potable water, sometimes for days. Among the more prominent nonsense peddlers was the Texas governor, Greg Abbot, who blamed the mess on wind power and […]

Biden set to declare major disaster in storm-hit Texas

Biden expedites governor’s request as state deals with widespread water access issues and more than 180,000 without power. US President Joe Biden said on Friday he was ready to declare a major disaster in storm-slammed Texas as soon as the declaration hits his desk, and that he would travel to the state as long as […]

India dam disaster: The trigger event and warnings for the future

“We are the last generation that can prevent irreparable damage to our planet,” were the opening remarks of the United Nations General Assembly’s former President María Fernanda Espinosa Garcés at the 2019 Climate and Sustainable Development meeting. Citing the conclusion of an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, she added: “Eleven years is all […]

‘They were warned’: Experts on India’s Himalayan glacier disaster

When Ravi Chopra saw the devastating deluge of water and debris crash downstream from a Himalayan glacier on Sunday, his first thought was that this was exactly the scenario that his team had warned the Indian government of in 2014. At least 31 people have died, 165 people are missing and many more are feared […]

‘We thought this is our end’: India villagers on glacier disaster

Joshimath, Uttarakhand – On Sunday morning, Rishi Prasad, 57, ran as fast as he could to save his son but he could reach the tunnel where his son was, massive boulders, trees and mud had already blocked its entrance. Abhishek Panth, 24, was working in an under-construction tunnel near Tapovan Dam, at the confluence of […]

‘Run!’: India’s glacier disaster survivors recount tunnel escape

A whistle turned into a roar of water that trapped a dozen men in a Himalayan tunnel after a glacier burst in northern India but Rajesh Kumar lived to tell the tale. Twenty-six people were confirmed dead but at least 170 others remained missing on Monday after the glacier broke off a mountainside, triggering a […]

18 dead, more than 200 missing in India’s Himalayan glacier disaster

Indian rescuers are searching for more than 200 people missing in the Himalayas, including some trapped in a tunnel, after part of a glacier broke away, sending a torrent of water, rock and dust down a mountain valley. Sunday’s violent surge below Nanda Devi, India’s second-highest peak, swept away the small Rishiganga hydroelectric project and […]

Nikolai Antoshkin, Who Helped Halt Chernobyl Disaster, Dies at 78

MOSCOW — Gen. Nikolai T. Antoshkin, the commander of a perilous helicopter firefighting operation in which he and other pilots braved radiation exposure to contain the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, died on Sunday. He was 78. He died after a “difficult illness,” according to a statement from the speaker of Russia’s Parliament, where he had been […]

Malawi declares state of disaster as two ministers die of COVID-19

Transport Minister Sidik Mia and Local Government Minister Lingson Berekanyama passed away after contracting disease, government says. Malawian President Lazarus Chakwera has declared a state of disaster in an address to the nation delivered hours after two cabinet ministers died from COVID-19 amid a spike in coronavirus infections. Transport Minister Sidik Mia and Local Government […]

Norway: 10 missing, including children, after landslide disaster

The landslide struck a residential area north of the capital, Oslo, forcing some 700 people to evacuate. At least 10 people, including children, are missing after a landslide in southern Norway swept away more than a dozen buildings in the early hours of Wednesday, police said. A rescue operation continued overnight with drones and helicopters, […]

How overseas Filipinos in the GCC respond when disaster hits the Philippines

DUBAI: Weeks have passed since Typhoon Vamco tore through the Philippines, yet the human and material devastation left in its wake continues to be felt strongly by people who were in the storm’s path — and by far-flung overseas Filipino communities as well. Vamco, known locally as Ulysses, killed at least 67 people after hitting […]