Wildfire victims sue PG&E’s former management for neglect

California company accused of ‘dereliction of duty’, claimants fear it will not be able to pay $13.5bn settlement. A trust representing more than 80,000 victims of deadly wildfires ignited by Pacific Gas and Electric’s (PG&E) electrical grid is suing nearly two dozen of the utility’s former executives and board members for alleged dereliction of their […]

US, Canada pledge to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050

United States President Joe Biden says that he and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have agreed to work towards achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. “We’re launching a high-level, climate-ambition ministerial and to align our policies and our goals to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050,” Biden said in a speech on Tuesday following a bilateral meeting […]

Indian climate activist gets bail in sedition case over farm stir

New Delhi court grants bail to Disha Ravi, 22, saying there was ‘scanty and sketchy evidence’ of sedition in her efforts to help the protesting farmers. A court in the Indian capital has granted bail to a 22-year-old climate activist, saying there was “scanty and sketchy evidence” of sedition in her efforts to help farmers […]

India’s richest family’s pet project: World’s largest zoo

Mukesh Ambani, the billionaire owner of Reliance Industries, plans to build a 280-acre zoo with more than 100 species. Plans to build the world’s largest zoo and animal sanctuary by India’s richest family, which owns the $168bn Reliance Industries corporate empire, has stirred controversy in the country. The Ambanis plan to build a 113-hectare (280-acre) […]

The ‘Greta Thunberg’s toolkit’ scandal and rule of law in India

On February 14, India witnessed an unlikely Sunday afternoon visual – the doors of a courthouse in New Delhi flung open and a young woman, accompanied by police officers and confronted by a horde of journalists, emerged with her head bowed and eyes prickling with tears. Twenty-two-year-old Disha Ravi, an activist and a founding member […]

Israel shuts Mediterranean shore after oil spill devastates coast

Activists began reporting globs of black tar on Israel’s coast last week after a heavy storm, wreaking havoc on local wildlife. Israel closed all its Mediterranean beaches until further notice on Sunday, days after an offshore oil spill deposited tonnes of tar across more than 160km (100 miles) of coastline in what officials are calling […]

Texas disaster ‘foreseeable and preventable’, Houston mayor says

Texas will hold hearings this week into how a winter storm cut millions off from utilities and killed dozens, a disaster which the mayor of Houston called “foreseeable and preventable”. Texas State Representative Craig Goldman said on Sunday that power companies, including the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), and other stakeholders would take part […]

Dozens of pilot whales die in Indonesia’s Madura Island

Rescue effort launched to save dozens of beached pilot whales but 46 died while only three were returned to sea. Forty-six whales stranded on a beach on the Indonesian island of Madura have died, while rescuers managed to push three back out to sea, the provincial governor said. A rescue effort was launched as early […]

‘The problems are going to persist’: Oil and Texas’s big freeze

Brent crude had gained for four straight sessions before Thursday, while West Texas Intermediate had risen for three, both reaching their highest levels since January 2020. Oil prices fell on Thursday despite a sharp drop in United States crude inventories, as market participants took profits following days of buying spurred by a cold snap in […]

It is time to end extractive tourism

As we draw closer to the anniversary of the World Health Organization declaring the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic, many are hopeful that the vaccine roll-out will help us return to our pre-pandemic “normal”. For a certain privileged group of people, this would mean getting back the “freedom” to travel anywhere they want. Indeed, their perceived […]

World’s oldest DNA sequenced from million-year-old mammoths

Teeth from mammoths buried in the Siberian permafrost for more than a million years have yielded the oldest DNA ever sequenced, according to a study published on Wednesday, shining a genetic spotlight into the deep past. Researchers said the three specimens, one roughly 800,000 years old and two more than a million years old, provide […]

US oil output dips by record 40% as cold wave freezes operations

The Permian Basin, which is located in New Mexico and Texas, is the worst affected, with output down between 65 percent and 80 percent from normal levels, traders and executives say. Total U.S. oil production has plunged by close to 40% — the most ever — as an unprecedented cold blast freezes well operations across […]

Boeing backs Trump plane emission rule seen by US states as weak

In lawsuit against US environment agency, 12 states said the rule lags ‘existing technology by more than 10 years’. United States plane maker Boeing Co has backed fuel efficiency standards for new aircraft – the first of their kind – finalised by the Trump administration in its waning days that a dozen states have challenged […]

Ecuador’s Cuenca votes to ban future mining projects

Quito, Ecuador – As the results of this month’s presidential elections in Ecuador remain disputed, another important vote was held that could have wide-reaching implications for the South American nation. Residents of the Andean city of Cuenca and the county’s rural outskirts on February 7 voted to prohibit future large-scale mining activities in five nearby […]

Why manufacturing is the biggest hurdle in climate change fight

Bill Gates says governments and investors need to find ways to reduce emissions from steel- and cement-making. US billionaire Bill Gates exudes optimism in discussing the world’s ability to tackle climate change – until he hits on manufacturing. About that, he is worried. There is currently no way to make steel or cement without releasing […]

Economic sanctions are damaging the environment

President Joe Biden has been elected on a promise, among others, to move the United States towards an ambitious new climate agenda – a feat that will require a radical transformation of thinking and practices across all areas of American policymaking. For the US to become a global leader in climate policy, and instigate real […]

Arrest of young Indian activist triggers outrage

Free speech concerns raised after Disha Ravi, 22, is arrested for sharing online ‘toolkit’ with information on the farmers’ protest. The arrest of a 22-year-old Indian climate activist accused of sharing an online “toolkit” of information on the weeks-long farmers’ protests has caused outrage, with many calling it an attack on free speech. Disha Ravi […]

Roses are red and contributing to climate change, florists warn

Florists in Paris are trying to convince their customers to choose locally grown flowers over roses, which must be flown in and contribute to carbon emissions. It is the classic romantic combination: Valentine’s Day and a bouquet of red roses. But some Parisian florists are trying to wean customers off the flowers because of their […]

Spending on green economic stimulus is slowly rising, study finds

Of the $14.9 trillion in public stimulus spending to offset the effects of the pandemic, $1.8 trillion is being used for green purposes, the study finds. Huge amounts of post-pandemic stimulus packages are mostly failing to support action to tackle climate change or halt the loss of biodiversity, but the amount of green spending is […]

Shell freezes salaries, cuts $1bn in bonuses amid overhaul

The Anglo-Dutch oil giant is moving towards greener energy, which also means shedding 9,000 jobs over the next two years, its CEO said. Royal Dutch Shell Plc will not raise salaries for most of its employees this year, according to people with knowledge of the matter, as it looks to save cash amid an overhaul […]

Trump’s environment policies killed thousands, scientists say

The Trump administration deliberately harnessed racism and class animosity to push policies that caused hundreds of thousands of U.S. deaths, according to a scathing new report in the British medical journal The Lancet. After undertaking a comprehensive assessment of the health and environment impacts of Donald Trump’s presidency, the 33 scientists who co-authored the article […]

Indian rescuers drill tunnel to look for trapped workers

More than 35 workers are trapped in the Himalayan tunnel after a flash flood destroyed dams and bridges in Uttarakhand state. Indian authorities have begun drilling inside a tunnel in the Himalayas in an attempt to rescue more than 35 workers trapped there after a flash flood that destroyed dams and bridges. About 171 people […]

India dam disaster: The trigger event and warnings for the future

“We are the last generation that can prevent irreparable damage to our planet,” were the opening remarks of the United Nations General Assembly’s former President María Fernanda Espinosa Garcés at the 2019 Climate and Sustainable Development meeting. Citing the conclusion of an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, she added: “Eleven years is all […]

‘They were warned’: Experts on India’s Himalayan glacier disaster

When Ravi Chopra saw the devastating deluge of water and debris crash downstream from a Himalayan glacier on Sunday, his first thought was that this was exactly the scenario that his team had warned the Indian government of in 2014. At least 31 people have died, 165 people are missing and many more are feared […]