UN experts: Loss of Kashmir autonomy undermining minority rights

Srinagar, Indian-administered Kashmir – United Nations human rights experts have expressed concern over India’s decision to strip Kashmir’s limited autonomy in 2019 and the subsequent passing of new laws, which they warned “could curtail the previous level of political participation of Muslims and other minorities”. The statement on Thursday came a day after nearly two […]

India slams UN experts over Kashmir concerns, says lack objectivity

Author:  Reuters article author:  Reuters ID:  1613718443750880000 Fri, 2021-02-19 07:03 NEW DELHI: India has criticized UN rights experts for their concerns about constitutional changes made in the Muslim-majority territory of Kashmir, where militants have been fighting for independence for three decades, and said the officials lacked neutrality. Two Special Rapporteurs on minority issues and freedom […]

Experts puzzled by dramatic fall in coronavirus cases in India

When the coronavirus pandemic took hold in India, there were fears it would sink the fragile health system of the world’s second-most populous country. But infections began to plummet in September, and now the country is reporting about 11,000 new cases a day, compared with a peak of nearly 100,000, leaving experts perplexed. Experts have […]

India’s dramatic fall in coronavirus cases leaves experts stumped

Author:  AP article author:  AP ID:  1613455579341938800 Tue, 2021-02-16 05:58 NEW DELHI: When the coronavirus pandemic took hold in India, there were fears it would sink the fragile health system of the world’s second-most populous country. Infections climbed dramatically for months and at one point India looked like it might overtake the United States as […]

‘Not rocket science’: US experts demand COVID vaccine race data

When the first cases of COVID-19 were reported in the United States last year, public health officials and community experts warned that Black and other people of colour would be disproportionately hard hit. Their warning was quickly proven true, with Black, Hispanic and other racialised communities bearing the brunt of infections, deaths and hospitalisations linked […]

WHO vaccine experts recommend use of Oxford/AstraZeneca jab

SAGE recommendations came amid concerns over the shot’s effectiveness against a new variant first detected in South Africa. A World Health Organization panel (WHO) of experts has recommended the use of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine in settings where variants of the coronavirus are circulating. The announcement on Wednesday came days after a small-scale and limited study […]

‘They were warned’: Experts on India’s Himalayan glacier disaster

When Ravi Chopra saw the devastating deluge of water and debris crash downstream from a Himalayan glacier on Sunday, his first thought was that this was exactly the scenario that his team had warned the Indian government of in 2014. At least 31 people have died, 165 people are missing and many more are feared […]

Myanmar coup may hit Western business interests: Trade experts

The coup in Myanmar is expected to dampen the interest of companies from the United States and other Western countries in investing in the Southeast Asian nation, and may prompt some big American companies to pull out, trade experts and analysts say. The total trade in goods between Myanmar and the US amounted to nearly […]

WHO-led COVID experts visit Wuhan animal facility

Team’s attempt to find the origins of the virus has been described as a ‘detective story’. A team of investigators led by the World Health Organization (WHO) arrived on Tuesday at an animal health facility in China’s central city of Wuhan in their continuing search for clues about the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic. The […]

Biden faces tough road in push to reform US immigration: Experts

Washington, DC – US President Joe Biden is expected to issue a raft of new immigration orders in the coming days that will reverse policies championed by his predecessor, Donald Trump, including on asylum at the United States-Mexico border and the reunification of migrant families. Biden took office last month after winning the backing of […]

Which Covid Vaccine Should You Get? Experts Cite the Effect Against Severe Disease

At first glance, the results reported on Friday from the long-awaited trial of Johnson & Johnson’s coronavirus vaccine might have seemed disappointing. Its overall efficacy — the ability to prevent moderate and severe disease — was reported at 72 percent in the United States, 66 percent in Latin American countries and 57 percent in South […]

Relatives of COVID victims ask to meet WHO experts in Wuhan

Relatives of people who have died from the coronavirus in China are demanding to meet the visiting World Health Organization (WHO) expert team, saying it should speak with affected families who allege they are being muzzled by the Chinese government. After months of negotiations, China approved the visit by researchers under the auspices of the […]

China defends COVID-19 response after criticism by experts

Beijing says its initial response to the outbreak was adequate after health experts allege it could have acted more rapidly. China has defended its actions as “prompt and decisive” in containing the coronavirus outbreak during its early days, rebuking criticism made by an independent panel of experts over Beijing’s handling of the outbreak. “As the […]

Far right ready to ‘fight and kill in Trump’s name’: Experts

The far-right movement instrumental to last week’s US Capitol occupation hopes to cause more violence across the United States ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, anti-hate group Southern Poverty Law Center warned during a Friday news conference. Fringe groups, including white nationalists, militias and conspiracy theorists, have been unified by the desire to keep President […]

WHO experts to arrive in Wuhan for delayed virus probe

THE HAGUE: AstraZeneca and Oxford University have applied for authorization for their coronavirus vaccine in the European Union with a decision possible by Jan. 29, The European Medicines Agency said on Tuesday.The jab would be the third available for the 27-nation EU after the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna drugs, as the bloc struggles to speed up […]

‘Very disappointed’: WHO’s COVID experts blocked from China

International team is supposed to travel to Wuhan to investigate origins of the virus that swept the globe in 2020. The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) says he is “very disappointed” that China has still not approved the entry of a team of international experts tasked with investigating the origins of the coronavirus, […]

Trump may launch ‘reckless’ attack on Iran, experts fear

US President Donald Trump could take “reckless” military action against Iran in his final days in office, experts have warned, as tensions between Tehran and Washington mount ahead of the first anniversary of the assassination of top Iranian general Qassem Soleimani. The US flew B-52 bombers over the Gulf three times in the past month, […]

Trump’s Blackwater pardons ‘an affront to justice’: UN experts

Experts say pardons of four private contractors convicted of murder in a 2007 Baghdad massacre undermine humanitarian law. US President Donald Trump’s pardons of four Blackwater contractors convicted of killing civilians in a 2007 Baghdad massacre is a violation of United States obligations under international law, UN experts said on Wednesday. “The Geneva Conventions oblige […]

A Hotter Planet Is Already Killing Americans, Health Experts Warn

Rising temperatures and environmental pollutants are already endangering the health and well-being of Americans, with fatal consequences for thousands of older men and women, a team of public health experts warned Wednesday. Their report, published in The Lancet, called on lawmakers to stem the rise of planet-warming gases in the next five years. The section […]

Is It Safe to Fly During the Pandemic? Answers From the Experts

“Each of these segments involves unique activities, such as storing and retrieving luggage, using seat trays while eating, using entertainment systems, standing in the aisle and using the lavatory,” the study’s authors wrote. When a plane is on the ground, its air supply can come from a number of places. That air is then mixed […]