Disabled Apartment Owners Fear Fire Traps in Aftermath of Grenfell Disaster

LONDON — Like many across England, Sarah Rennie has lost sleep worrying about her building catching fire, especially since inspectors discovered that the high-rise is wrapped in a flammable material similar to the one that fueled the deadly blaze at London’s Grenfell Tower in 2017. But the fear is compounded for Ms. Rennie. She uses […]

Fear, silent migration: A year after anti-Muslim riots in Delhi

New Delhi, India – Nisha Mewati and her family had been living peacefully in northeast Delhi’s Shiv Vihar area – a mixed-neighbourhood where Hindus and Muslims lived cheek by jowl – for more than a decade. But last February, their world changed. “And it changed suddenly,” said 22-year-old Nisha, sadness flickering in her eyes. On […]

Assassination attack on Basha confuses Libya Fear of corruption

Details The controversial assassination attempt on National Accord Interior Minister Fathi Bashaga is the gateway to much speculation. Protesters disagreed on the purpose of the incident and its aftermath, among those who claim it was a “drama.” “The aim is to destabilize the political process in the country and to push the new government towards […]

Myanmar: Fear of crackdown as military deploys tanks, shots fired

Armoured vehicles have rolled into Myanmar cities amid fears of a crackdown on anti-coup protesters after nine days of mass demonstrations demanding a return to civilian rule. Western embassies – from the European Union, the United Kingdom, Canada and 11 other nations – issued a statement late on Sunday calling on security forces to “refrain […]

To Fight or Hide: Fear Grips Myanmar With Military Back in Charge

The red balloons rose over an anxious city. They floated by the hundreds above the golden spire of Sule Pagoda in Yangon, the commercial capital of Myanmar, and drifted over an avenue where, more than a dozen years ago, soldiers shot citizens marching peacefully for democracy. The balloons hovering over Yangon were released by activists, […]

Myanmar minorities fear renewed violence after military coup

The Myanmar military’s coup on Monday sent shockwaves across the country, bringing back memories of half a century of crushing isolation under direct military rule. Perhaps nowhere was the fear more intense than among the country’s persecuted ethnic minorities. Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, a man UN experts have said should be investigated for genocide, […]

Hazaras fear for future as Afghanistan risks slipping into chaos

The choice was straightforward for Hamidullah Asadi, a member of Afghanistan’s minority Hazara community – wait for the next deadly attack or join a growing militia. After spending months recovering from grave injuries after an ISIL (ISIS) suicide attack, he was ready to fight. “We were forced to take up arms,” said Asadi, now a […]

Rohingya fear delay in repatriation efforts after Myanmar coup

DHAKA: A day after Myanmar’s military overthrow of the government, Rohingya leaders said on Tuesday they fear the move could “further delay” efforts to repatriate the refugees in Bangladesh to their homeland in Rakhine. The Myanmar military, locally known as Tatmadaw, seized power in the early hours of Monday and detained its the country’s leader, Aung San […]

India’s Muslims ‘living in fear’ amid temple funding drive

Author:  article author:  Sanjay Kumar Thu, 2021-01-21 00:35 NEW DELHI: Muslims in India fear a new wave of sectarian tension amid a controversial fundraising campaign to build a Hindu temple in place of a centuries-old mosque in the eastern city of Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh. The 16th-century Babri Mosque was claimed by both Hindus and Muslims. […]

Man says fear of COVID kept him in US airport for three months

Aditya Singh is charged with illegal trespassing for staying in Chicago airport, claiming a fear of COVID is the cause. A California man who told police the coronavirus pandemic left him afraid to fly has been arrested on charges he hid in a secured area at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport for three months, multiple outlets […]

‘There Is No Safe Area’: In Kabul, Fear Has Taken Over

KABUL, Afghanistan — In Kabul’s uncertain present, fear and dread intertwine in a vise. Fear has become a way of life. “When you’re in the car you feel fear, when you are walking you feel fear, and when you are in the shop you feel fear,” said Shamsullah Amini, a 22-year-old shopkeeper, while watching over […]

Trump’s rush to build US border wall fuels fear of lasting harms

San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge, Arizona, United States – Biologist Myles Traphagen flips through images captured by his wildlife cameras and shakes his head in disbelief: a javelina, a bird watcher, a couple of US Border Patrol agents – that’s it. Here, in one of the most remote corners along the US-Mexico border, the desert […]

Yemen: NGOs fear the worst after Houthi ‘terrorist’ designation

A decision to designate Yemen’s Houthi movement as a “terrorist” organisation appears to be the Trump administration’s parting shot to the group’s regional ally, Iran, but there are now real fears the decision may have a devastating effect on millions of Yemenis in desperate need of humanitarian aid. The Houthi rebels took control of Yemen’s […]

‘Very anxious’: Lebanon’s ICU doctors fear unfolding COVID surge

Beirut, Lebanon – “I’m very anxious about what we’ll see in the next few weeks,” a 33-year-old intensive care doctor, on a short break from a 24-hour shift at a Beirut hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU), said. The doctor, who spoke to Al Jazeera on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter, […]

Trump may launch ‘reckless’ attack on Iran, experts fear

US President Donald Trump could take “reckless” military action against Iran in his final days in office, experts have warned, as tensions between Tehran and Washington mount ahead of the first anniversary of the assassination of top Iranian general Qassem Soleimani. The US flew B-52 bombers over the Gulf three times in the past month, […]

Kashmir’s indigenous people fear India land grab

Author:  article author:  Sanjay Kumar Sat, 2020-12-19 00:09 NEW DELHI: Communities in Kashmir fear being evicted from their ancestral land following the uprooting of more than 10,000 trees by the Indian government. Main category:  World Tags:  Kashmir India Pakistan Special . Source link

UK: Why do some ethnic minorities fear the coronavirus vaccine?

London, United Kingdom – When 29-year-old Shabrez Ali from Bradford was a child, his mother was cautious about vaccines. “For the longest time, my mum didn’t want me to take jabs during primary and secondary school,” Ali, who has South Asian origins, told Al Jazeera by phone. He was not sure why, but guessed, “it […]

Asian shares recede on fear of new US-China tensions, virus surge

Asian shares retreated from a record peak on Monday after news reports of the United States preparing to impose sanctions on some Chinese officials highlighted geopolitical tensions, while oil prices fell due to surging virus cases. In a signal that markets elsewhere would start weaker, Eurostoxx 50 futures were 0.4 percent down, futures for Germany’s […]