Gaza starts COVID-19 inoculation drive amid vaccine shortage

Officials and health workers inoculated with Russian Sputnik V vaccine donated by Moscow and the UAE. The inoculation campaign in the besieged Gaza Strip has kicked off after the arrival of vaccines donated by Russia and the United Arab Emirates. On Monday, officials and health workers received the first shots of 22,000 Russian Sputnik V […]

First COVID-19 vaccines enter Gaza after Israel hold up

2,000 coronavirus vaccine doses donated by Russia entered besieged Gaza on Wednesday after being blocked by Israel. A shipment of 2,000 coronavirus vaccine doses donated by Russia entered the besieged Gaza Strip on Wednesday after Israel blocked it earlier this week. Palestinian and Israeli officials said the shipment, sent by the Palestinian Authority (PA) from […]

Israel blocks shipment of Russian Sputnik V vaccine to Gaza

Israel has stopped 1,000 doses of Russia’s Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine that are intended for front-line medical workers from entering the besieged Gaza Strip. Palestinian Health Minister Mai Alkaila said in a statement on Monday that Israel bore “full responsibility” for blocking the shipment acquired by the Palestinian Authority (PA), which governs parts of the […]

Will the first Palestinian elections in 15 years go ahead?

25:55 From: Inside Story Rival Palestinian factions agree on terms for holding long-delayed presidential and legislative votes. Read more By  Inside Story 11 Feb 2021 facebooktwitterwhatsapp More episodes from Inside Story play 24:55 play 25:10 play 24:53 play 24:55 Show more . Source link

Egypt ‘indefinitely’ opens Rafah border crossing with Gaza Strip

Move comes as Palestinian factions including Fatah and Hamas agree to ‘respect and accept’ results of upcoming polls at Cairo talks. For the first time in years, Egypt has “indefinitely” opened its Rafah border crossing with the Gaza Strip, the only passage to the outside world for the residents of the coastal enclave that is […]

Palestinian factions agree to ‘respect and accept’ poll results

At the end of a two-day summit in Cairo, Fatah, Hamas and 12 other factions say they have agreed to hold legislative and presidential elections in May and July. Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas say they have agreed on the “mechanisms” for upcoming legislative and presidential elections, after a rapprochement between the two movements. The […]

‘Valuable treasure’: Gaza turns to quail as fishing goes belly up

Khan Younis, Gaza Strip – Some people here are finding creative new ways to earn a living in the face of high unemployment that is destroying the present and future of many. Ibrahim Abu Odeh, 34, from the city of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip, is one of them. Refusing to lose hope […]

Israel blockade inflaming Gaza’s COVID-19 crisis: Report

Israel’s devastating 13-year siege of the Gaza Strip is intensifying the coronavirus crisis in the Palestinian enclave, threatening the lives of its nearly two million inhabitants, a new study warns. In a report released on Wednesday, a group of international researchers described “challenges over access to healthcare and other essential resources, as well as the […]

Solar technology assists Gaza’s contaminated-water emergency

Gaza City – Water in the Gaza Strip is mostly undrinkable and loaded with health hazards. Large-scale desalination plants, funded by international donors and private businesses struggling to mitigate the crisis, are in full swing in the besieged Palestinian enclave. But a new high-tech effort is coming from an unlikely source: a company based in […]

Israeli tanks target Gaza Strip for second night

Palestinians say a residential home was targeted by Israeli artillery with family sleeping inside. Israeli tank fire struck a number of sites in the Gaza Strip, including a residential home, in the second night of attacks on the coastal enclave. Local Palestinian sources said there were no casualties from the Israeli artillery barrage, but material […]

Israeli fighter jets target Gaza Strip; no casualties reported

Israeli army says it targeted Hamas sites and tunnels after rockets fired from the Gaza Strip. Israeli warplanes have targeted the southern Gaza Strip after rockets were fired from the coastal enclave. Palestinian sources said the air attacks early on Monday struck an agricultural field in the southern city of Rafah, as well as land […]

Ethical concerns raised as Israel to give Pfizer medical data

After sprinting ahead in the race to inoculate its population against the coronavirus, Israel has struck a deal with Pfizer, promising to share vast troves of medical data with the international drug giant in exchange for the continued flow of its hard-to-get vaccine. Proponents say the deal could allow Israel to become the first country […]

Uncertainty as Palestine’s Abbas announces elections

Important hurdles, including disagreements between Hamas and Fatah, threaten to derail the vote, the first since 2006. Beset by political infighting, split between three territories, and distrustful of their institutions, many Palestinians are sceptical their first national elections in 15 years will bring change – or even happen at all. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas […]

Palestinians desperately await COVID-19 vaccine

Ramallah, occupied West Bank – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu received a coronavirus vaccine jab on December 19, kicking off a national roll-out that has made Israel the world’s COVID-19 vaccination drive leader. But while Israel’s vaccination campaign even includes Jewish settlers living deep inside the illegally occupied West Bank, it will exclude the nearly five […]

‘Heinous’: Israeli forces ‘killed 27 Palestinians in 2020’

Israeli authorities also destroyed at least 729 Palestinian buildings – including 273 homes – last year, NGO says. Israeli security forces committed “heinous killings” throughout 2020, shooting dead at least 27 Palestinians across occupied Palestinian territories and in Israel, according to Israeli rights group B’Tselem. “Over the course of 2020, Israeli security forces killed 27 […]

The two-state solution: The opium of the Palestinian people

Last month, Saeb Erekat, chief Palestinian negotiator and secretary-general of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, passed away at the age of 65. His death has been seen by some Palestinians as a metaphor for the end of the Oslo era and its twisted logic. Erekat and many Palestinian political functionaries of his […]

Gaza airport: The legacy of a Palestinian dream

It was 7am on June 2, 1996, in Cairo when Captain Zeyad al-Bada received a surprising phone call from Palestine Liberation Organization leader Yasser Arafat. Arafat told al-Bada, then a 39-year-old Palestinian Airlines captain and Arafat’s personal pilot, that he would be the first to land at the newly-built Gaza International Airport. “There were no […]

COVID in besieged Gaza: ‘A blockade inside a blockade’

Eight years ago, the United Nations warned that the Gaza Strip will not be a “liveable place” by 2020, urging Israel to lift its years-long blockade against the Palestinian coastal enclave and calling for an intensified and “herculean effort” to improve basic services there. Israel and Egypt have continued the crippling air, land and sea […]

Israeli air attacks cause injuries, damage in Gaza Strip

At least two Palestinians were wounded in what Israel called a retaliatory attack on Hamas positions in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli military has carried out air raids targeting Hamas positions in the besieged Gaza Strip, injuring two people and causing damage, Palestinian media reported. According to the official Palestinian news agency Wafa, Israeli warplanes […]

Coronavirus test kits run out in Gaza as ‘collapse’ fears grow

As cases surge, the Israeli-blockaded Palestinian enclave is increasingly desperate for medical supplies to battle COVID-19. Health officials said Monday that they could no longer carry out coronavirus tests in the Gaza Strip because of a lack of kits amid a spike in cases in the besieged Palestinian territory. The health ministry called for urgent […]

Gaza: Life ‘extraordinarily difficult’ for people with disability

The 2007 blockade Israel imposed on the enclave has ‘robbed people with disabilities in Gaza of their freedom of movement’, HRW says. People with disabilities can face an “extraordinarily difficult” life in the Gaza Strip due to the Israeli blockade and lack of assistance from Hamas which governs the enclave, a Human Rights Watch (HRW) […]

Gaza women break down work barriers amid Israeli siege

Gaza City – Naela Abu Jibba, 39, a mother of five, is among hundreds of women in Gaza who could not find jobs in an economy on the brink of collapse. So she decided to create her own and became the first female taxi driver in the Gaza Strip – taking only women passengers to […]

UN agency for Palestinians runs out of money for first time

UNRWA received lowest level of contributions since 2012, at a time when pandemic is exacerbating the needs of refugees. The United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees said that, for the first time in its history, it has run out of money until the end of the year. The UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine […]

Over 1m Palestinians under poverty line in besieged Gaza: UN

Geneva, Switzerland – The Israel-led blockade of the Gaza Strip cost the Palestinian enclave more than $16bn and pushed more than one million people below the poverty line in just more than 10 years, according to a new United Nations report. The document issued on Wednesday by the UN’s Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) […]