Hezbollah claims downing Israeli drone over southern Lebanon

Israeli army, meanwhile, says drone fell in Lebanese territory during operational activity along the Blue Line. Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement has said it shot down an Israeli drone that flew over the United Nations-demarcated Blue Line border. In a statement carried by the movement’s Al Manar TV, Hezbollah said it “downed a drone belonging to the […]

In Lebanon, Israeli warplanes terrify a traumatised population

Beirut, Lebanon – Over the last month, Israeli jets have carried out some of their biggest air raids yet in Syria, apparently striking Iranian targets. It may have been the Lebanese next door, though, who trembled with greater fear. Some took cover under a table or a sink, others hid in their cars. The roar […]

$1 bn Captagon shipment seized in Italian port linked to Hezbollah

article author:  Arab News Fri, 2020-12-25 20:48 LONDON: Italian authorities said they seized 15 tons of amphetamine (Captagon), believed to be linked to Lebanese group Hezbollah, the Italian Nova agency reported on Friday. The Naples prosecutor investigating the case said that the financial value of the drug amounted to about $1 billion. The prosecutor also […]

US sanctions Lebanon’s Gebran Bassil, citing corruption #duzline #duzlinenews #follow4follow

Beirut, Lebanon – The United States has sanctioned top Lebanese politician and Hezbollah ally Gebran Bassil over alleged corruption, marking the highest-profile sanctions to date levelled against an ally of the Iran-backed group in Lebanon. Bassil, a former foreign minister, is President Michel Aoun’s son-in-law and also the head of the party with the single-biggest […]

Hezbollah, Hamas chiefs meet to discuss Israel-Arab ties

Leaders of Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement and the Palestinian Hamas group met to discuss diplomatic normalisation between Israel and Arab countries, the movement said. On Sunday, Hamas chief Ismail Haniya was given a hero’s welcome at Ain al-Helweh, Lebanon’s largest Palestinian refugee camp. Hezbollah-run Al-Manar television reported earlier that Hassan Nasrallah, head of the Iran-backed Shia […]

Israel launches air attacks at Hezbollah posts on Lebanon border

Israel said it carried out air attacks on Hezbollah observation posts in Lebanon on Wednesday after shots were fired from across the border towards its troops the previous evening. The country’s military had said earlier that a “security incident” was unfolding in the vicinity of Manara near the UN-demarcated Blue Line border between the two […]