Black Lives Matter: Where are the Black clergy?

When Julian DeShazier, a 37-year-old Black pastor, marches in Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests, he removes his clerical collar – a symbol of authority – and follows the instructions of organisers, many of whom are younger than him, and many of whom are women. DeShazier and members of his Hyde Park University Church in Chicago, […]

World’s oldest DNA sequenced from million-year-old mammoths

Teeth from mammoths buried in the Siberian permafrost for more than a million years have yielded the oldest DNA ever sequenced, according to a study published on Wednesday, shining a genetic spotlight into the deep past. Researchers said the three specimens, one roughly 800,000 years old and two more than a million years old, provide […]

Secrets of the Arab Café

The stories behind four iconic cafés in Marrakesh, Cairo, Algiers and Hebron and their role in conversation and culture. . Source link

From Pakistan to India: Tracing my grandmother’s refugee journey

Sometime in mid-August 1947, my grandmother, Abnash Kaur, then about 12 years of age, boarded a train with her family from Lahore in what is now Pakistan. The journey would take her to Kalka, a sleepy Indian town in the foothills of the Himalayas. She would never return to Pakistan. Like an estimated 15 million […]

Stonehenge may have been first erected in Wales: Archaeologists

Researchers at University College London say they believe some of the stones originally formed an even older monument in Wales. Archaeologists believe they have discovered the origins of the Stonehenge prehistoric monument after they uncovered the remains of an ancient stone circle in Wales that may have been dismantled and rebuilt hundreds of years later […]

Muslims in America: A forgotten history

In the summer of 1863, newspapers in North Carolina announced the death of “a venerable African”, referred to, in a paternalistic manner, as “Uncle Moreau”. Omar ibn Said, a Muslim, was born in 1770 in Senegal and by the time of his death, he had been enslaved for 56 years. In 2021, Omar, an opera […]

‘Today’s fake culture war resurrects an old colonial trick’

London, United Kingdom – Dan Hicks is a professor of contemporary archaeology at the University of Oxford who has worked at the university’s Pitt Rivers Museum for 14 years. Pitt Rivers, in Oxford, is an institution that says it is committed to a “decolonisation” process. In 2020, it removed more than 100 human remains from […]

The children colonial Belgium stole from African mothers

Monique Bitu Bingi, 71, has never forgotten how it happened. It was 1953 when the white colonials came for her in Babadi, a village in the Kasai region of what is today the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), then a Belgian colony. She was four, the child of a Black Congolese woman and a […]

Lone Wolves Connected Online: A History of Modern White Supremacy

Judge Morris Arnold, who now sits on the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, presided over the case and carefully instructed the jury on the complex nature of the charges. According to Judge Arnold, he told them, “The fact that you may think it was impossible for the defendants to overthrow the […]

This Land Is … whose land?: The history of Woody Guthrie’s song

Several minutes into US President Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony, on the heels of an impassioned rendition of The Star Spangled Banner by her fellow pop superstar Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez stepped up to the podium and began singing lyrics many Americans learn in schools and churches: This land is your land This land is my […]

The Trump Presidency Is Now History. So How Will It Rank?

“Speaking in terms of this survey, it would be surprising if Trump was meaningfully rehabilitated,” Mr. Levy said. “If the opening paragraph of any discussion starts about being impeached twice, and the second sentence is about the coronavirus, and the third is about partisanship — that’s going to be very hard to overcome.” Sean Wilentz, […]

Meet Doug Emhoff, the first ‘Second Gentleman’ in US history

Kamala Harris has shattered the glass ceiling, becoming the first woman, and first Black person of South Asian descent to be elected US vice president. Her husband Doug Emhoff also joins her in breaking stereotypes as the first “Second Gentleman” in US history as well as becoming the first Jewish spouse of a vice president. […]

‘United like brothers’: How 10 Nepali climbers made K2 history

Nepali team overcame ‘really horrendous’ conditions to become the first to summit world’s second-highest mountain in winter. The members of a Nepali climbing team who made history at the weekend by becoming the first to scale the world’s second-highest mountain – Pakistan’s K2 – in the winter season have said they battled hurricane-force winds and […]

In Search of My Roots

A filmmaker goes on trip to explore her Spanish heritage and learn about Moriscos, Christian Spaniards of Muslim origin. . Source link

Egypt 2011: ‘We did not know we would be documenting history’

In December, 2010, anti-government protests erupted in Tunisia, soon triggering similar demonstrations across the Middle East and North Africa, including in Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Syria. Ten years on from the start of the Arab Spring, photographers who captured the first passionate moments reflect on what they saw and what the events of the time […]

Why does the US mythologise its former presidents?

With the days counting down on his presidency, politicians and pundits are fretting over what Donald Trump will do after he leaves office. The Democrats’ newest impeachment charge blames the president for inciting the insurrection that took place on January 6, when Trump supporters stormed the Capitol in Washington, DC, in protest against Joe Biden […]

Confederate Battle Flag in the Capitol: A ‘Jarring’ First in U.S. History

A Muslim American college student said he had fought back tears when he saw the image of a Trump supporter carrying the Confederate battle flag through the halls of the Capitol on Wednesday. A Black Senate aide who for years has walked confidently through the halls of Congress said his feelings of safety had crumbled […]

‘Sedition’: A Complicated History

As a shocked nation reacted to the storming of the United States Capitol on Wednesday by a pro-Trump mob trying to disrupt the certification of the presidential election, one word describing the chaos quickly rose to the top. “It borders on sedition,” President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. said in his remarks to the nation. “This […]

Georgia’s Warnock to make history as state’s first Black senator

The deep-voiced Baptist pastor who now holds the pulpit where slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr preached made history in his uphill battle to unseat a sitting Republican to become the first Black US Senator from Georgia. The son of a sharecropper, Reverend Raphael Warnock, who never held public office before, defeated Kelly […]

Australia Tweaks Anthem to Recognize Indigenous History

The lyrics of Australia’s national anthem have been altered by one word to recognize the country’s Indigenous history, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced Thursday. Until Friday, the song began: “Australians all let us rejoice, for we are young and free.” But as the country celebrated the beginning of the new year, the “young” was dropped. […]

Ancient Egypt: A pyramid scheme that worked

The “failing state” pandemic that has engulfed the Middle East for many years now appears to be spreading to some of the wealthiest and most technologically advanced societies in the world. The latest country to enter the fray of frailty is the United States. The fragility of the American state is evident in its disastrous […]

People with anaphylaxis history should not take Pfizer COVID shot

The UK’s medicine regulator says anyone with a history of anaphylaxis to a medicine or food should not get the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, expanding its guidance on an earlier allergy warning about the shot, the first against COVID-19 to have secured approval. “Any person with a history of anaphylaxis to a vaccine, medicine or food should […]

Four charged over toppling of UK slave trader statue in Bristol

Charges of criminal damage have been brought over the toppling of a statue of 17th-century British slave trader Edward Colston. Four people have been charged with criminal damage in connection with the toppling of a statue of a 17th-century British slave trader, prosecutors have said. The defendants, aged between 21 and 32, will appear before […]