Lam defends China’s plan to ensure only ‘patriots’ rule Hong Kong

Beijing says anyone who ‘goes against China and disrupts Hong Kong’ must not be allowed to take office in the semi-autonomous city. Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam has endorsed plans by Beijing to ensure “patriots” rule the city, saying they were needed to stop hatred of China and sustain the “one country, two systems” […]

HSBC to move top executives from UK back to Hong Kong: Report

HSBC Holdings Plc is considering the return of some global leaders to the bank’s original hometown, reinforcing Asia’s role as its center of gravity. A cadre of senior executives is set to relocate in coming months to Hong Kong from HSBC’s Canary Wharf headquarters, say people familiar with the plans, as Europe’s biggest bank pares […]

Inspiring cultures: Bruce Lee’s Fist of Fury dubbed into Noongar

It’s the film that inspired a generation: the flying kicks, the furious punches, the whirlwind sound effects. Fist of Fury is the classic 1972 Bruce Lee film that took the world by storm. Tragically, Lee died a year after making it, aged just 32. But his films have had an enduring global impact, not least […]

Hong Kong eyes significant overhaul of public broadcaster RTHK

A Hong Kong government review of Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) has found editorial management “deficiencies” and a lack of transparency in handling complaints, signalling an extensive overhaul of the public service broadcaster was in the works amid concern over media restrictions in the Chinese-controlled territory. The outcome of the review was announced on Friday, […]

Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai denied bail again

Beijing critic arrested under national security law in August when 200 police officers raided his tabloid’s newsroom. Hong Kong’s High Court has denied another bail application by media tycoon and Beijing critic Jimmy Lai, the most high-profile person to be charged under the city’s national security law. The decision came on Thursday after the Court […]

Nine Hong Kong activists go on trial over huge democracy rally

Two plead guilty with veteran politician Martin Lee among those in the dock over one of 2019’s biggest democracy protests. Two former Hong Kong legislators have pleaded guilty to charges of organising or participating in one of the biggest pro-democracy protests in the Chinese-controlled city in 2019. The two were among nine, including veteran pro-democracy […]

In Hong Kong, freedom of expression is shrinking fast

In 2018, the late chef, traveller and television personality, Anthony Bourdain, made a programme about Hong Kong in which he interviewed members of a local post-punk band. One of them spoke of concerns about disappearing freedoms and the lack of venues to perform in. But, they declared, they were free to say and play anything […]

Bill to help Hong Kong protesters stay in US as refugees revived

A bipartisan group of legislators in Washington, DC, have reintroduced a bill to make it easier for Hong Kongers fearing persecution in the Chinese-controlled city to secure refugee status in the United States. The 12 senators, led by Republican Marco Rubio and Democrat Bob Menendez, said on Tuesday that the bill was a response to […]

Singapore businessman to end army-linked Myanmar investment

Following the February 1 coup, the director of Hong Kong-listed gaming company Razer says he will exit his investment in a tobacco firm linked to Myanmar’s military. A prominent Singapore businessman has said he will exit his investment in a tobacco firm linked to the Myanmar military, after the army deposed the country’s democratically elected […]

Hong Kong’s top court denies bail to Jimmy Lai in security case

Landmark decision marks the first time Hong Kong’s top court rules on a case relating to sweeping national security law. Hong Kong’s top court has denied bail to prominent Beijing critic Jimmy Lai, siding with prosecutors in a key test of the city’s draconian national security law. The decision on Tuesday marked the first time […]

‘No room for debate’: Hong Kong outlines security law for schools

Hong Kong children as young as six years old will be taught the “great importance” of the territory’s national security law and what constitutes foreign interference and subversion under new education guidelines for the city. Beijing imposed the security law in June last year after tens of thousands of people took to the streets in […]

China strips licence from second lawyer for ‘Hong Kong 12’

US urges China to reinstate licences for Ren Quanniu and Lu Siwei, who represented pro-democracy activists from Hong Kong. A second Chinese lawyer who represented a Hong Kong pro-democracy activist has been stripped of his licence to practice, in a move that drew alarm from rights groups and condemnation from the United States. Ren Quanniu, […]

Jimmy Lai remains in jail as Hong Kong’s top court considers bail

Judges are considering whether tycoon should be allowed bail over security charges in a precedent-setting decision. Hong Kong tycoon and pro-democracy activist Jimmy Lai has been returned to custody on Monday while the territory’s highest court considers whether those facing national security charges should be eligible for bail in a landmark challenge to Hong Kong’s […]

UK opens visa route for Hong Kong residents to become citizens

Residents of Hong Kong can apply, starting on Sunday, for a new visa offering them an opportunity to become British citizens as the United Kingdom opens its doors to those wanting to escape China’s crackdown on dissent in the semi-autonomous city. From Sunday afternoon, anyone with a British National Overseas (BNO) passport and their dependents […]

Hong Kong tightens leash on mobile phone use, registration

Authorities say new restrictions meant to curb criminality but activists and rights group say it is another form of silencing dissent. The Hong Kong government has kicked off public consultation on the near-certain policy change, which would require residents of the city to register their mobile phone SIM cards using their real identity, raising more […]

China will ‘no longer recognise’ UK passport for Hong Kong people

Beijing’s announcement comes as Britain prepares to open its doors to millions of people from its former colony. China on Friday said it will “no longer recognise” the British National (Overseas) passport for Hong Kong people, as the United Kingdom prepares to open its doors to millions more residents of its former colony following a […]

UK says Hong Kong offer upholds ‘freedom and autonomy’

Under scheme that comes into effect on Sunday, Hong Kong people with BN(O) status will have path to UK citizenship. Britain’s government said on Friday it was standing by the people of its former colony Hong Kong in the face of a Chinese crackdown as it prepared to launch a settlement scheme that could allow […]

Hong Kong’s Lam praises sudden lockdown that found one COVID case

Lam says government cannot underestimate any source of infection and testing was ‘reassuring’ to residents. Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam has praised as a success the sudden, unannounced lockdown for coronavirus testing of a number of buildings in a working class district of the city, after a number of cases in the area raised concerns […]

Hong Kong to place tens of thousands in lockdown for first time

The new measure will target two districts which cover a small, but densely populated part of the Kowloon Peninsula. Hong Kong will place tens of thousands of its residents in a lockdown to contain a new outbreak of the coronavirus, the first such measure the Chinese-ruled city has taken since the pandemic began, according to […]

Five Hong Kong democracy protesters seek asylum in the US

Five Hong Kong democracy protesters who reportedly fled to Taiwan have arrived in the United States intending to seek asylum, an activist group said on Saturday. Their escape follows the mass arrest of democracy figures in Hong Kong under a new national security law that is part of a mounting crackdown by China on the […]

Hong Kong police detain 11 for allegedly helping activists escape

Latest arrests are related to a group picked up by the Chinese coastguard as they fled in a speedboat, and now jailed on the mainland. Police in Hong Kong arrested 11 people under the territory’s national security law on Thursday morning for allegedly helping 12 activists who attempted to escape the city by speedboat and […]

China plans further Hong Kong crackdown after mass arrest: report

The arrest of more than 50 Democrats in Hong Kong last week intensifies a drive by Beijing to stifle any return of a populist challenge to Chinese rule and more measures are likely, two individuals with direct knowledge of China’s plans told the Reuters news agency. While stressing that plans had not been finalised, the […]

US Chinese telcoms ban sees Wall St firms plan to reduce exposure

Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, and Morgan Stanley plan to reduce exposure to Chinese telecom firms named in a US ban on investments in companies Washington says are linked to China’s military. Wall Street firms in Hong Kong including Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan have set out plans to reduce exposure to Chinese telecom companies named in a […]

Australia, US, UK, Canada condemn Hong Kong mass arrests

Foreign ministers issue joint statement condemning last week’s arrest of more than 50 democracy activists in Hong Kong. The foreign ministers of Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada have expressed “serious concern” about the arrests of 55 democracy activists and supporters in Hong Kong last week. In a joint statement on Sunday, […]