Finding Bitcoin Inventor’s Identity Could Hurt Its Price, Coinbase Warns

Finding Bitcoin Inventor’s Identity Could Hurt Its Price, Coinbase Warns

According to a report Bitcoin and Ethereum markets could seriously deteriorate if the identity of Bitcoin’s anonymous inventor — Satoshi Nakamoto — is revealed, cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase warned in its initial public offering (IPO) filings. The San Francisco, California-based company also noted in the documents presented to the US Security Exchange Commission that the identification […]

Generation Identity: France begins shutting down far-right group

France is beginning the process of shutting down the far-right Generation Identity (GI) group, a move that comes after Al Jazeera’s undercover investigation exposed the group’s racism, violence, and connections with Marine Le Pen’s National Rally party. On Saturday, dozens in Paris rallied against the move – scheduled to begin Monday – some of whom […]

France threatens to shut down far-right Generation Identity group

The French government has threatened to shut down Generation Identity (GI), a far-right group exposed in an Al Jazeera undercover investigation that seeks to expel Muslims and migrants from Europe. Interior minister Gerald Darmanin said on Tuesday he was “outraged by the efforts of Generation Identity activists to undermine the Republic” and had asked his […]

Grandson of Forrest Fenn confirms identity of US treasure finder

Medical student from Michigan found a more than $1m treasure chest stashed by Fenn in the wilds of Wyoming. A grandson of Forrest Fenn has confirmed that a medical school student from Michigan found a treasure chest worth more than $1m that the retired art and antiquities dealer stashed in the wilds of Wyoming more […]