EU tells Ivory Coast to brace for stricter cocoa laws

The eurozone hopes to ratify laws later this year to protect forests, curb child labour and end farmer poverty. The European Union on Friday urged the Ivory Coast to prepare for stricter cocoa laws that the body hopes to ratify later this year with the aim of protecting forests, curbing child labour and ending farmer […]

Ex-leader Gbagbo’s party ends boycott of Ivory Coast elections

The party of former Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo said it was ending a 10-year boycott of elections, a move coinciding with efforts to end a prolonged political crisis. “The Ivorian Popular Front (FPI) … will take part in legislative elections” due in the first quarter of 2021, the party announced in a statement on […]

Ivory From Shipwreck Reveals Elephant Slaughter During Spice Trade

In 2008, workers searching for diamonds off the coast of Namibia found a different kind of treasure: hundreds of gold coins mixed with timber and other debris. They had stumbled upon Bom Jesus, a Portuguese trading vessel lost during a voyage to India in 1533. Among the 40 tons of cargo recovered from the sunken […]

Ivory Coast Constitutional Council confirms Ouattara re-election #duzline #duzlinenews #follow4follow

Despite opposition objections, President Alassane Ouattara’s win of a third term after disputed October 31 polls officially validated. Ivory Coast’s Constitutional Council has formally ratified President Alassane Ouattara’s re-election to a third term after a tense election that was marred by clashes and an opposition boycott. “Alassane Ouattara is proclaimed elected in the first round,” […]

Ivory Coast opposition leader arrested for rival government #duzline #duzlinenews #follow4follow

Ivorian prosecutors are pursuing ‘terrorism’ charges against more than a dozen opposition leaders who boycotted the October 31 vote. Ivory Coast opposition leader and former Prime Minister Pascal Affi N’Guessan was under arrest on Saturday for creating a rival government after President Alassane Ouattara’s election victory, his wife and a spokeswoman said. Ivorian prosecutors are […]

Ivory Coast presidential election: Who are the candidates? #duzline #duzlinenews #follow4follow

Ivory Coast’s Constitutional Council last month cleared four candidates to run in the country’s high-stakes election on October 31, whittling down an initial list of 44 presidential hopefuls. Among them, controversially, was incumbent President Alassane Ouattara. In power for a decade, the 78-year-old says constitutional amendments introduced in 2016 effectively reset the countdown clock on […]