Why the result of Somali elections are crucial for the region

Somalia is, once again, in political turmoil. The Horn of Africa nation’s opposition leaders say they no longer recognise the authority of President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, popularly known by his nickname “Farmaajo”, after his term expired on February 8 without a political agreement on a path towards elections to replace him. Somalia’s most recent political […]

African radicals must realise the importance of pan-Africanism

2020 was a significant year for Africa in many respects. It was not only the year when social norms were drastically altered, but it also marked the resurgence of African radicalism. The COVID-19 pandemic both amplified the extreme corruption that had long taken place on the continent, and forced marginalised communities to mobilise against such injustices […]

Somali troops, Jubbaland regional forces clash ahead of elections

Mogadishu accuses Nairobi of supporting ‘rebels’ as fighting breaks out in the town of Bulo Hawo ahead of next month’s general elections. Heavy fighting has broken out in the town of Bulo Hawo between Somali forces and those from the federal territory of Jubbaland, which borders Kenya, ahead of general elections slated for next month. […]

Kenya’s sexual violence survivors get justice, though imperfect

The women gathered around the table as they had done so many times before, united by their shared trauma and wounds. But this time, it was different. This was the moment these survivors of sexual violence had waited for, a wait of 13 years. Two bowed their heads and clasped their hands in prayer. Moments […]

Doctors in Kenya on strike against inadequate benefits, PPE

Strike began on Monday after union said there was no resolution of grievances raised over the last eight months. Kenyan doctors working in government hospitals have launched a nationwide strike over inadequate insurance benefits and lack of protective equipment (PPE) while treating COVID-19 patients. The strike began on Monday after the Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists […]

Kenya: The Unfathomable Virus

With Kenyan tourism devastated by the coronavirus, what does it mean for those dependent on the safari industry? . Source link

Despite pioneering ban, Kenya is drowning in single-use plastic

Nairobi, Kenya – Before the sun peaks over the horizon, Margaret Wambui is hard at work, trudging over hills of rancid waste at the Dandora landfill on the eastern outskirts of Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. She digs through freshly discarded refuse, meticulously segregating plastic bottles and depositing them into separate bags to sell on to ‘collectors’ […]

Avocados v elephants: Is the green gold putting wildlife at risk?

With Mount Kilimanjaro commanding a boundless sky, below it there is a palette of habitat from plains to swamp and thorny bush. Among it all, 2,000 elephants and all manner of wildlife, including zebra, wildebeest, lion and antelope, come and go. The Amboseli ecosystem in Kenya is one of Africa’s most familiar and stunning landscapes. […]

Somalia expels Kenyan envoy in row over alleged poll interference

Somali government accuses neighbouring country of interfering in the electoral process in one of Somalia’s five semi-autonomous states. Somalia has ordered the expulsion of Kenya’s ambassador after accusing neighbouring Kenya of interfering in the electoral process in Jubbaland, one of Somalia’s five semi-autonomous states. Somalia also recalled its ambassador from Nairobi in the latest dispute […]

Trump’s normalisation of Israel spreads to Africa #duzline #duzlinenews #follow4follow

The announcement by US President Donald Trump of an apparent thaw in relations – “normalisation” in the current parlance – between Israel and another country, this time Sudan, has been hailed by some as highly significant and proof of the American president’s deal-making prowess. Significant, because Khartoum was the site of the 1967 Arab League […]

Kenya fears ecological disaster as two rising lakes get closer

Rising water levels along Kenya’s Great Rift Valley have forced thousands of people from their homes. There are also fears of an ecological disaster as two lakes are getting closer – causing fear of contamination, and threatening wildlife and livelihoods. Al Jazeera’s Catherine Soi explains. Source link

Kenyan communities sue UK over colonial-era land grab

Elizabeth Borowo was a young woman when British colonialists forced her and her family from their farmland nearly 70 years ago. “Kicking us off our land, and setting our houses on fire, was painful,” she says. “There was a lot of hunger. I remember, my child almost drowned in the river as we ran away.” […]

Why Kenya’s Rift Valley lakes are going through a crisis

Rift Valley, Kenya – It was seven years ago when Job Chebon, owner of a tourist lodge on the edge of Lake Baringo, first noticed the waters near his property rise dangerously. “The water would come and then recede. For years, it would come a little bit further to dry land, to our homes, then go […]

How Kenya’s ‘Second Republic’ failed to materialise

Today, Kenya marks the 10th anniversary of the promulgation of its current constitution and what some at the time termed “the birth of the Second Republic” – a phrase one almost never hears today. And understandably so. For in the last decade, the constitution has been more honoured in breach than observance. Just a few […]

Kenyan communities sue UK over colonial-era land grab

A community of more than 100,000 people in Kenya is seeking compensation from the British government for forced displacement from their homes and farmland. It happened under British colonial rule during the first half of the 20th century when Kenyans were cleared from their land holdings to make way for enormous tea plantations. Most of […]