‘Wake up call’: Deadly Iraq rocket attack puts pressure on US

Sulaimaniyah, Iraq – It was the most serious attack on the US-led coalition since the Biden administration took power with questions swirling about who was responsible for the rare rocket barrage on Erbil city. A volley of projectiles targeted the main military base inside Erbil’s airport, which hosts foreign troops deployed as part of the […]

Iraq: Rockets land near Erbil airport, US military base

No immediate claim of responsibility for attack that caused injuries and prompted airport closure, reports say. Multiple rockets have struck outside the international airport in Erbil, the capital of Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdish region, according to security sources. It was not immediately clear if a military base housing United States troops near the airport was the […]

Clinton’s new documentary is an effort to whitewash the YPG

Earlier this month, former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and her daughter Chelsea, announced their intention to produce, through their company HiddenLight Productions, a TV drama about female Kurdish fighters who fought against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) in Syria. The mini-series will be an […]

Turkish court sentences Kurdish former MP to 22 years in jail

Guven convicted on three separate terrorism charges after losing parliamentary immunity in June this year. A Turkish court has sentenced a Kurdish former lawmaker, who shot to fame for a months-long hunger strike two years ago, to more than 22 years in jail on terror-related charges. Leyla Guven, an opposition Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) deputy […]

Iraqi leader calls for end to violence in Sulaymaniyah protests

Baghdad, Iraq – Iraqi President Barham Salih has called for an end to “corruption, looting, plundering and smuggling” following a sixth day of protests in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq’s Sulaymaniyah province. Demonstrators have taken to the streets to demonstrate against the political leadership, high unemployment rate and lack of public services. They also […]

What Biden can and cannot do for the Kurds

Many Kurds across the Middle East welcomed Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump in the recent elections in the United States. The former vice president is known to be sympathetic to the Kurdish cause and his presidency is expected to bring some relief from the harmful policies Trump pursued. Some even hope that the Biden […]

Kurd vs Kurd: Fears of full-scale war rise in northern Iraq

Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq – Fears are growing of a full-fledged war between Turkey’s outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and forces of the ruling Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in this autonomous region of northern Iraq. Tensions between the two sides are increasing amid a military standoff on the Iraq-Turkey border, with civilians on both […]

Iraqi Kurdish authorities accused of torturing jailed journalist

Erbil, Kurdish region of northern Iraq – Imprisoned Kurdish journalist Sherwan Amin Sherwani has been held in solitary confinement for nearly two months and was allegedly tortured by security forces in Erbil on “politically motivated charges”, his lawyer, wife and rights groups say. Sherwani – editor-in-chief of monthly magazine Bashur, which is critical of the […]

Who are the Kurds? | Start Here

The fight against ISIL in Syria, an uneasy US alliance and being considered a terrorist organisation by a number of countries have kept the Kurdish people in the news.  So who are the Kurds? And why is there so much resistance to the idea of a Kurdish nation-state? Start Here explores the history of a […]