Lebanon’s COVID jabs funding at risk after MPs jump queue

The World Bank has threatened to suspend financing for coronavirus vaccines in Lebanon over what it said were violations by legislators who were vaccinated inside Parliament. The comments by the international lender on Tuesday came as frustration grew among some residents and doctors that the national plan that requires people to get vaccinated at predetermined […]

Qatar to assist Lebanon’s economic recovery once gov’t is formed

Qatar’s FM says Doha ready to invest in Lebanon ‘as soon as a government is formed’. Qatar is ready to help cash-strapped Lebanon with its economic recovery if its deeply divided political class agrees on a new government. The outgoing cabinet has served in a caretaker role since resigning in August last year following public […]

Tough times for Lebanon’s biggest optimist

Beirut, Lebanon – Anthony Rahayel’s work is guided by a simple premise he has repeated like a mantra in hundreds of online videos over the years: “Lebanon is the most beautiful country in the world.” It was a brave assertion even before Lebanon’s terrible downfall over the past year or so. Now, after the country […]

Riots sparked by COVID lockdown hit Lebanon’s Tripoli for 3rd day

Angry protesters in country’s ‘poorest city’ denounce enforcement of strict coronavirus lockdown with little aid from authorities. Lebanon’s second city of Tripoli has witnessed its third straight night of angry protests and riots, with hundreds of people taking to the streets to denounce harsh living conditions and meagre government aid during a strict coronavirus lockdown. […]

Dozens injured in anti-lockdown protests in Lebanon’s Tripoli

Lebanese Red Cross said 45 injured during the protests against the lockdown that has worsened the economic crisis. At least 45 people have been injured in overnight clashes in northern Lebanon between security forces and demonstrators angered by a coronavirus lockdown that has worsened their economic woes, the Lebanese Red Cross says. At least nine […]

Swiss open money-laundering probe of Lebanon’s central bank

The investigation is the latest blow of confidence to Lebanon’s crippled financial system. Beirut, Lebanon – Swiss authorities have requested that Lebanon’s judiciary cooperate with a money-laundering investigation into the country’s central bank, in the latest blow of confidence to the insolvent financial institution and its crestfallen governor. The probe centers on $400m in transfers […]

‘Very anxious’: Lebanon’s ICU doctors fear unfolding COVID surge

Beirut, Lebanon – “I’m very anxious about what we’ll see in the next few weeks,” a 33-year-old intensive care doctor, on a short break from a 24-hour shift at a Beirut hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU), said. The doctor, who spoke to Al Jazeera on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter, […]

A small firm’s survival story may be Lebanon’s 2020 silver lining

Beirut, Lebanon – Tarek Chehab describes his 3D design factory as a “place where you can make pretty much anything — a ‘Lala-land’ for creative types like architects and product designers.” In the past, Styro 3D, named after the versatile styrofoam used in most of its products, mainly made “decorations, wedding installations, window displays, exhibitions […]

Lebanon’s top university hikes tuition 160 percent, citing crisis

Beirut – Lebanon’s prestigious American University of Beirut (AUB) has announced that it will more than double the cost of tuition in the local currency, saying the move was necessitated by the country’s spiralling economic collapse. The university will adopt an exchange rate of 3,900 Lebanese pounds to the US dollar, officially untethering from Lebanon’s […]

Lebanon’s Parliament backs audit of all state bodies

Beirut, Lebanon – Lebanon’s Parliament has unanimously backed a concurrent audit of all state bodies including financial institutions, ministries, and independent funds, and said banking secrecy should not be a hindrance. Parliament made the move on Friday after Lebanon’s central bank cited banking secrecy laws as the reason it declined to provide international auditor Alvarez […]

US sanctions Lebanon’s Gebran Bassil, citing corruption #duzline #duzlinenews #follow4follow

Beirut, Lebanon – The United States has sanctioned top Lebanese politician and Hezbollah ally Gebran Bassil over alleged corruption, marking the highest-profile sanctions to date levelled against an ally of the Iran-backed group in Lebanon. Bassil, a former foreign minister, is President Michel Aoun’s son-in-law and also the head of the party with the single-biggest […]

Lebanon’s year of fire #duzline #duzlinenews #follow4follow

Beirut, Lebanon – From his home nestled in the lush mountains above Beirut, Salim Abou Moujahed watched flames eat up foliage on an opposing hillside. The 32-year-old had been intrigued by fire since his childhood days spent outdoors in the rugged wilderness of Aley. Tonight, however, the fire was infernal, quick-moving, unpredictable. Soon enough, bone-dry […]