Opinion | The Lessons of the Texas Power Disaster

There is a great deal of nonsense being written and spoken about this week’s power failures in Texas, which left a number of people dead and millions without power or potable water, sometimes for days. Among the more prominent nonsense peddlers was the Texas governor, Greg Abbot, who blamed the mess on wind power and […]

France blames children missing swimming lessons on ‘separatism’

The government is launching an inquiry into chlorine allergy certificates, suggesting families have ‘conveniently’ used them to prevent girls from swimming. Paris, France – Rights groups have criticised France’s decision to crack down on allergy certificates used to exempt students from swimming pool lessons, saying the move was an “Islamophobic” gesture. France’s education and interior […]

Indonesia: Lessons from the online classroom

Jakarta, Indonesia – The coronavirus pandemic has forced hundreds of millions of children across the world to either learning from home or drop out of school altogether, as the disease exacerbates sharp divides between the rich and poor. In Indonesia, the lives of some 68 million young people – from pre-schoolers to higher education students […]

From Egypt to the US: Lessons for activists from the Arab Spring

We stood side by side on the steps of the Iowa State Capitol, our bodies moving in unison as I led hundreds of people in Al-Maghrib prayer – the sunset prayer. We were gathered to protest against President Donald Trump’s Muslim travel ban. As we prayed, I caught the flash of blue and white lights […]

Lessons from 2020: Reconnecting with nature, a force for good

As we stumble into 2021, it was salutary to read of an inspiring wildlife encounter experienced by the famous naturalist and broadcaster, Sir David Attenborough. Now 94 years old, he has witnessed the planet’s most extraordinary animals thriving in their natural habitats in all the far corners of the world. But this happened on his […]

Lessons learned from COVID-19 can help us fight climate change

The pressing need to develop a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine and make it available to everyone everywhere to bring an end to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic resulted in a rare collaboration between world governments, scientists and private drug manufacturers. The economic and social devastation caused by this catastrophic global public health emergency not only […]