UK: Unemployment rises as COVID lockdowns hit economy

The United Kingdom’s unemployment rate edged up to 5.1 percent in the final three months of last year, its highest level in nearly five years, official data shows, as severe COVID-19 lockdown restrictions pressured the economy. Figures published by the UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) on Tuesday showed that the jobless rate rose 0.4 […]

Walmart expects full-year sales to slow as US COVID lockdowns end

Walmart made a hefty profit of $560bn last year as Americans stocked their pantries during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. Walmart Inc expects full-year sales and profit growth to slow as it reinvests in its business and lockdowns end after revenue soared to $560bn last year as people stocked up on groceries during the […]

WHO warns ‘too early to ease up’ from COVID-19 lockdowns in Europe

GENEVA: Independent human rights experts who work with the United Nations say Italy failed to protect the “right to life” of over 200 migrants who died when the boat they were on sank in the Mediterranean Sea over seven years ago.The Human Rights Committee also called on Italian authorities to “proceed with an independent and […]

Did loneliness take a toll during COVID-19 lockdowns? | All Hail

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Should sporting events carry on during COVID lockdowns?

No handshakes, no high-fives and no hugs. This has been the norm for most people around the world since COVID-19 began spreading rapidly in early 2020 – but not for everyone, all of the time. Almost on a daily basis, the familiar sight of footballers celebrating a goal, touchdown or buzzer-beater flashes on TV screens, […]

Round two: UK may fall back into recession as new lockdowns bite

With fresh lockdowns and a COVID-19 variant, it is increasingly likely the United Kingdom could fall back into recession. The British economy looks set to fall back into recession after official figures on Friday showed that it shrank by 2.6 percent month on month in November, when much of the country was in a second […]

US economy gets boost but unemployment, lockdowns sap recovery

Economic activity in the United States increased only modestly in recent weeks and a growing number of the Federal Reserve’s districts saw a drop in employment as a surge in coronavirus cases led to more shutdowns of businesses, the US central bank said on Wednesday. In the Federal Reserve’s (commonly known as the Fed) latest […]

First COVID death in China in eight months amid new lockdowns

China on Thursday reported its first death from COVID-19 in eight months as the country battles to contain a resurgence in cases – the most in 10 months – and prepares for the arrival of an expert team from the World Health Organization (WHO). More than 20 million people are under lockdown in the north […]

New COVID-19 lockdowns imperil global economy’s recovery

A major chunk of the global recovery in companies’ earnings – recovery expected in the first quarter of 2021 – is at risk of being pushed back further as coronavirus lockdowns and mobility restrictions in several countries cloud hopes of a swifter economic rebound, investment banks said. China announced lockdowns in four cities and European […]

Vaccine Rollouts in Europe Are Off to a Shaky Start, Even as Lockdowns Expand

With a more contagious variant of the coronavirus forcing England to impose a strict new national lockdown and European nations extending restrictions in the face of rising cases, political leaders have promised that mass vaccinations will bring an end to the suffering. But in the race to beat the virus, the virus is still way […]

Pope Francis chides those traveling abroad to escape coronavirus lockdowns.

Pope Francis on Sunday criticized people who traveled abroad during the pandemic “to escape the lockdown,” saying they were ignoring those who were suffering. In his weekly noontime Sunday address, Francis said, “I read in the papers something that quite saddened me: In a country — I don’t remember which — to escape the lockdown […]

UK stocks sink as government widens strict COVID lockdowns

Britain became the first country to approve Oxford University and AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine, but a fast-spreading mutant strain of the virus is worrying investors. British stocks ended lower on Wednesday, reversing early gains as fears over a fast-spreading new strain of the coronavirus led to most of the country being placed under tighter restrictions, even as Britain […]

Hospital and case numbers in England surpass the first peak, despite lockdowns.

Nearly half of England is under the nation’s strictest lockdown measures, and people have been ordered to stay at home, but the coronavirus is still spreading at an alarming rate. Hospitals are treating more patients than at any time during the pandemic, and there is a growing debate about allowing tens of thousands of students […]

UK imposes more lockdowns as mutated COVID variant causes record cases

LONDON: Passengers supplied with negative virus tests on Wednesday boarded the first Eurostar trains from London to France since border closures, eager to spend Christmas with their families.Shortly before the departure of the first train to Paris from St Pancras Station at 0906 GMT, the terminal remained noticeably quieter than would normally be expected two days […]

COVID-19: Restrictions, lockdowns return as deaths reach 1.5m

Governments around the world enforcing stricter restrictions, lockdowns given the rising numbers. More than 1.5 million people have died worldwide due to coronavirus, a third of them in the last two months alone. Nearly 65 million people have been infected by COVID-19 and in the past week, more than 10,000 died on average every day. […]