Pakistan’s top court bans execution of people with mental illness

Islamabad, Pakistan – In a landmark verdict, Pakistan’s Supreme Court has ruled that imposing the death penalty on prisoners living with a serious mental illness, particularly those who do not understand the nature of the punishment, “will not meet the ends of justice”. The ruling was issued by the Supreme Court on Wednesday after the […]

After #EndSARS, community support helps Nigerians heal wounds

Lagos, Nigeria – More than two months after she was attacked while protesting against the now-defunct Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) in Lagos, Clara Igwe*, 23, still finds it difficult to sleep. “Four [police] men cocked their guns and were facing me [saying] that I should lay down,” she recounts to Al Jazeera. “The next thing, […]

‘Hope in a little vial’: New York gets first COVID-19 vaccines

New York City, US – Stephanie Cal was stringing up Christmas decorations at her family home in Long Island on December 13 when she got the text from a hospital co-worker. The 58-year-old nurse stared at her phone – she had qualified for the first round of Pfizer-BioNtech’s COVID-19 vaccine. Days earlier, the US Food […]

Who will care for the carers?

It is midday, and the sun beats onto my bare arms in a large parking lot full of cars. As far as the eye can see there are old cars, new cars, buses and trucks. It smells of rust and saltwater and my heart pounds as I dart my head around looking for a place […]

No shame in dealing with matters of the mind

An alarm clock beeps on cue repetitively, proudly performing the task it has patiently waited hours to do – awaken Rania Raine from her sleep. It’s 7 am, it’s time to wake up, the beeps sound with conviction and persistence. But Raine has already beaten the clock. She has been lying awake in bed for […]

How much do people actually care about health workers?

A picture is going around social media that shows an illustration of a healthcare worker in full personal protective equipment (PPE), holding a sick patient’s bed above the water as the worker themself is drowning. It is beautifully drawn and an apt visual for how the majority of healthcare workers I know feel at the […]

The front-line heroes of the pandemic: Young carers

Every morning when nine-year-old Willow Kemp, from Toronto, wakes up, she hears the sound of her brother, Hunter, calling out for her. She pads along the corridor to his bedroom for “snuggles”, doing her best to lift his spirits if he is having a high-pain day. After surviving childhood leukaemia, Hunter, 13, has been left […]

How should we talk about suicide? #duzline #duzlinenews #follow4follow

It has been three years since I got the call about my brother; my 49-year-old, funny, sentimental, handsome, troubled younger brother. It is a call no one can prepare for and one that is accompanied by a tsunami of confusion, anger, disbelief and unimaginable despair. My brother’s suicide was a tragedy on many levels and, […]

Postpartum depression survivors on pandemic parenting

I had known the school cancellations were coming. But the news still pummelled me, sending waves of despair through my body. The cancellations felt like a cage descending from above. Being confined with my family during a global pandemic is not something I have experienced before. So why does it feel so familiar? In my […]