The Killing of George Floyd Tore Minneapolis Apart. Now Comes the Trial.

MINNEAPOLIS — It was three days after George Floyd died in police custody last May, and businesses in the Twin Cities were on fire. Police officers were shooting rubber bullets and tear gas to hold back protesters, their anger fueled by a cellphone video of Mr. Floyd, a Black man, gasping for breath under the […]

How Minneapolis small businesses banded together to survive COVID

Minneapolis, Minnesota — Closing up shop never crossed Anna Bloomstrand’s mind, even during the worst days of the COVID-19 crisis and the civil unrest that followed the killing of George Floyd. Her family’s Scandinavian store, Ingebretsen’s Nordic Market Place, has been a fixture on East Lake Street for nearly a century. “We’ve been in the […]

Minneapolis eyes deep police cuts after George Floyd’s death

Minneapolis City Council members who tried unsuccessfully to dismantle the police department in response to George Floyd‘s death are set to vote Wednesday on whether to shrink it, a move that could imperil the entire city budget because the mayor is threatening to use his veto to protect public safety amid soaring crime rates. The […]